About 10 Reviews

10reviews.com is a site committed to offering well-informed reviews on a whole range of consumer products and services, from the exciting tech world to the ordinary kind of household items or professional services that people need in their daily lives. No matter what category you are interested in, we are confident that we can show you the best which have been selected by careful consideration and comparisons.

We are a team of people with a range of different professional backgrounds related to business and consumer products. We have experts in the fields of research, marketing and customer services, alongside a team of professional and accurate content writers. As our team is made up of people from a broad demographic spectrum, we can offer accurate reviews of an equally wide range of goods and services with confidence.

At the same time, we are totally independent and therefore able to offer unbiased reviews that are not influenced by big business and large corporations. Many other sites claiming to be review pages are, in effect, just price comparison sites whose content is actually driven by financial incentives from commissions and kickbacks from sales of the products they discuss.

How we compile our top tens

We look at both new and existing products in each of the categories we review by using both analytical tools such as practical market research, monitoring of online forums and social media and, more importantly, recommendations from people who have specific product knowledge for each category. This is followed up with further data analysis to reach a consensus about what each product should offer to the consumer. These products are then re-evaluated by that relevant criteria, for example ease of use, reliability or reputation, to provide us with the final group of the ten best ones.

Why ten?

There are many examples of groups of ‘top tens’, from the latest music charts to best places to visit in a certain holiday location or the more abstract like ‘regret lists.’ It’s no coincidence that there are so many groups of tens and there are several reasons for this.

People love round numbers and they make for quick evaluation in our minds. Consider the question of how long something takes; it is unlikely that the answer would be “approximately eighteen and half minutes.” You would be more likely to hear “about twenty minutes.” This is also pretty true for giving estimates of quantities of things or prices. Round numbers are easy.

When considering how we remember things, groups of tens also become a manageable number. Learning ten new words in a foreign language or writing down ten revision points for an essay are good examples. When you consider review of things, this also seems to be true: reading reviews of too many items starts to become confusing and it may be that you can only remember the first and last couple of things that you have just read about.

Practically, too, ten seems to us to be the right number. If there are less than ten options, this may not leave enough options when you consider that different people may be in favour of a particular aspect of the same category of a product according to the criteria it’s judged by. Price may be more relevant to someone than aesthetic appeal, for example. On the other hand, we feel that reviewing more than ten items in a category starts to move into the realms of just becoming a list and not offering a clear decision on ‘the best of the best.’

Finally, when we are going through the process of choosing the best and there is still some debate, having to whittle this down to only ten makes it important for us to really think about the merits of a particular product or service again in fine detail. While under discussion again, any particular item that makes the cut has really been properly assessed again within the relevant criteria used for that assessment.

Why we do it

As a consumer in the modern age, you now have more choice than ever in any category of goods or services you need to purchase. There are also so many choices about how and where these can be bought. At the same time, there is also more information out there (which is often contradictory) which leads to confusion. We want to take away some of this ‘choice overload’ and allow you make informed decisions based on clear facts about the best items in each category. Let us do the hard work for you as that’s what we are the best at.

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