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Forget n95 Mask for Covid-19. We Know the Solution.

Covid19 which is popularly known as the Coronavirus disease is that talk of the town recently. With the rise in the number of deaths caused by this epidemic, a fear has been created amongst the public in the whole world. People are taking maximum precaution or preventive measures so that they are not infected by […]

September 20, 2021 at 3:50 pm in News

Covid19 which is popularly known as the Coronavirus disease is that talk of the town recently. With the rise in the number of deaths caused by this epidemic, a fear has been created amongst the public in the whole world. People are taking maximum precaution or preventive measures so that they are not infected by this disease. So, the question that arises is that how can you prevent yourself from getting infected with Coronavirus disease? Thinking about n95 mask? Nay, we have got a better solution for it. To know the best solution for preventing yourself from Covid19 you must read further.

What Is the Best Solution for Preventing Yourself from Coronavirus Disease?

To know the best solution, we must first understand how this disease has become an epidemic. Coronavirus disease has cropped up so much because it gets transmitted from one person to another. Now, when will it get transmitted from someone to you? It will get transmitted to you if you will come into the connection of a person being infected by it. So, what is our best solution? Our best solution is to stay away from people and watch Netflix at your home because watching Netflix will keep you isolated at your home and away from people and you it will also help you to prevent yourself by getting infected from Coronavirus disease.

We all know what Netflix is and we either watch it or have heard people watching it. It is one of the most popular streaming sites which has numerous TV shows and movies available for their viewers. You can watch it on your personal computer or laptop. Netflix also is available as a mobile application wherein the viewers are allowed to watch their favourite contents online. The viewers get a thirty days trial free in which they can watch their favourite shows or movies online or can download them. Once their free trial is over, their subscription is automatically renewed depending upon the plan they have chosen. Netflix has gained momentum in the past few years, not just in the United States but also in several other countries across the globe. With the increase in popularity of this streaming website, several television developers have developed smart TVs which let it’s viewers to watch Netflix on their television. Netflix has brought a paradigm shift in the way of watching TV. Prior to the launch of Netflix, people usually used to watch TV with the help of cables and they had no choice of their own. They had to watch the TV show that the cable or the channel wished to show them. The same was the case for movies. Post the launch of Netflix, the demand for cable had seen a downfall by around 53% and now people enjoyed watching the TV show or movies according to their mood an choice.

Coronavirus disease is a major threat to human life at the current time and it is important that people stay away from others and keep themselves clean and hygienic to prevent getting infected by it. But staying at home, in isolation can be so boring. To make your �you’ time entertaining, you can sign in to Netflix and can just chill by watching a plethora of TV shows and movies available on it. If you already have Netflix or want to try something different, then you may also watch TV series and movies on Disney+ which is the best alternative of Netflix.

Famous TV Shows or Movies to Watch on Netflix

Right from TV shows and movies for adults to TV shows and movies for children, Netflix has it all. Here is the list of a few famous TV shows that are worth binge-watching right now.

  • The Fall

It is one of the most binge-watched shows on Netflix USA. This is a show revolving around the most complex pair, one of them being a detective and the other one being a massive serial killer. This is a psychological thriller with a lot of suspense and drama and shows the working mechanism of police and people associated with it. This show has three seasons and every episode has kept the viewers left in suspense.

  • Beasts of no Nation

This is another most popular show in the Netflix library but if you are faint-hearted then this one is not the right choice for you. This show has immense violence and drama in it. It is based on the life of an orphan who becomes a charismatic commander of a small band of little and lovely children and about his whole journey.


Okay, we all thought you guys “were on a break” with FRIENDS, but this ten seasoned amazing TV series, one of my favourite and definitely everyone’s favourite TV series has also hit the Netflix library. Talking about fashion, relationships and drama, this show has it all. From demonstrating the story of six friends, their professional and personal struggles, this show has never failed to teach their viewers to solve every problem with laughter. This has been one of the most-watched TV show from the 90s where all the viewers could connect them with one or the other character in the whole show.

Famous TV Shows or Movies to Watch on Disney+

Disney plus, though not much old like Netflix, is one of the best alternatives of Netflix which has its own original shows. Below is the list of some most popular shows which you can watch on Disney Plus.

  • The Mandalorian

This is one of the most-watched and a breakout hit TV show of Disney+ which is gained immense popularity. This is a show which looks very expensive and classy with respect to its scenes and plots and it has launched the most famous character Baby Yoda which has created a huge ruckus amongst people. Each episode of this series does not exceed 40 minutes or so which is a blessing in this era of high drama. This series consists of just the right episodes making in short and worth watching.

  • Forky Asks a Question

This series is not just enjoyed by kids but has also become one of the favourite shows of adults. Do you remember the inquisitive character in Toy Story 4 who used to ask numerous questions about life? That reanimated spork has got a whole new series of his own and in this series, he demystifies several silly questions which people rarely ponder upon. If anyone watches this series, then their mind will be blown by hearing his discussion on the most common topic which no one has ever thought about discussing. This TV show is loved by everyone and it’s light-hearted and comical scenes reduce stress and you can binge-watch it anytime.

Need for VPN

Many times the content of a streaming site has geo-restrictions imposed on them and due to such restrictions, people viewing from other countries cannot watch those contents. The license agreement of several streaming sites give them the right to operate in a particular country and this is the reason why they impose geo-restrictions on the viewers residing abroad. In this case, if you are not a resident of the United States, then you may face several difficulties in watching some contents available on Netflix and Disney+ as they may be geo-restricted and blocked for you because you stay abroad. In such a situation, you may download a VPN which would help you watch your favourite TV show or movie. VPNs a lot the viewers a masked IP address which presents the viewer as the resident of that country to the streaming website and the streaming website, on the basis of the false IP address, unblock the content for the viewer.

There are many VPNs which can be downloaded for this purpose. VPNs like NordVPN and ExpressVPN are very popular because of their high speed. They even show content in high definition quality and they have their servers in most of the countries, which makes it easier for them to unblock the geo-restricted content for the users so that they can view their favourite shows without any disturbance. Here are some more VPNs you can try out as well:

  • NordVPN
  • Perfect Privacy

Take Away

Covid19 has spread globally like a forest fire and has affected many lives. Human transmission is one of the major cause of it’s spread. The best solution to prevent yourself from getting infected with this deadly virus is not to interact with humans. If you are an introvert, then this virus maybe God for you because no human interaction is something you always craved for. Staying at home, chilling and watching Netflix is something which you always do and now you have got a reason to do it. To reduce the risk of getting contaminated with Coronavirus, you must stay at home. Who knew staying alone at home and lollygagging could be so entertaining? Staying clean and chilling the whole day while binge-watching your favourite show has become the need of the hour. Watching Netflix and Disney+ is the best solution to stop the outspread of Coronavirus. So, Corona or no Corona, staying away from people and watching Netflix and Disney+ is an awesome choice.

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