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Discover the Most Efficient Space Heater for Your Home

If you’re shopping for a new space heater, it could take you a little while to find the best one. We’re here to hold your hand and help you remove the guesswork.

November 16, 2023 at 8:31 am in Home

Improve your home’s heating system by getting the most efficient space heater that works without noise, distraction, or effort on your part. Even so, many different options exist on the market, making it difficult for most consumers to choose the best space heater. 

Most Efficient Space Heater | Introduction

After researching and testing several models, a few space heaters made it to our list of the best-rated space heaters available today. Everyone yearns for the most energy-efficient space heater to drive off the chill in a cold room without spending a fortune. 

As a consumer, you also have to consider your budget based on the features you want in your preferred space heater. This review can help you choose the most efficient space heater for your home. 

If you’re shopping for a new space heater, it could take you a little while to find the best one. We’re here to hold your hand and help you remove the guesswork. Our editorial team compiled a list of the best space heaters available on the market today. The models on this list were picked using various factors, including good critic and user reviews. 

1. Lasko 5165 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

Top Features

  • Color: White;
  • Brand: Lasko;
  • Power Source: AC;
  • Heating Method: Convection;
  • Product Dimensions: 7.3 x 8.14 x 23 inches.

The Lasko Digital Ceramic Tower Heater model takes the first slot in our list of the most efficient space heater for your home. The model features an extended heating element and built-in safety features that make its operation and performance efficient. 

With penetrating air velocity and widespread oscillation, the Digital Ceramic Tower Heater from Lasko delivers perfect heating for the entire space. This model also features a programmable thermostat, a 7-hour auto-off timer, and two heat settings. These features are easy to control at your fingertips using a multi-function remote control that comes with the device.

It also features a built-in carry handle at the back, which allows you to easily move it from one space to another, where you need the most warmth. It comes fully assembled with a 6-foot power cord that makes it easy to plug in at the nearest outlet. 

Therefore, you need not worry about putting parts together. Most importantly, its slim design means it takes the bare minimum space while warming your entire room. 

What We Liked

  • 2 quiet heat settings;
  • Built-in safety features;
  • Auto-off timer;
  • Multifunctional remote control;

Keep in Mind

  • A buyer complained of the smell of burning plastic when it’s on;
  • A customer complained of the remote control not accommodating size AAA batteries easily.

2. LASKO 755320 Ceramic Space Heater

Top Features

  • Color: Silver;
  • Brand: Lasko;
  • Power source: corded electric;
  • Heating method: convection;
  • Item dimensions (LxWxH): 7.25 x 8.6 x 23 inches.

If you’re looking for the most efficient space heater, the Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater is ideal for any space. With 1500 Watts of comforting warmth, it can heat your office space, basement, bedroom, and virtually any other room in your home. With an elongated heating element and penetrating air velocity, this model delivers warmth across the entire room.

Additionally, this energy-efficient space heater comes with an adjustable thermostat and a digital display that allows you to adjust its 1500W heating element to your preferred level. With built-in safety features such as overheat protection and self-regulating heating element, it ensures that all the operations remain smooth and seamless, even if you leave it on for an extended period. 

Like the previous Lasko space heater, this model comes assembled in a slim design. This means it fits perfectly even in tight spaces and is easy to operate with a multifunction remote control. Most importantly, it comes with three quiet settings, including high heat, low heat, and an additional auto setting that make it perfect for warming up space in your home or office. 

What We Liked

  • Three quiet settings;
  • High heat, low heat;
  • Safety features like a cool-touch exterior and an overheat protection;
  • ETL listed;
  • Digital controls and an 8-hour timer.

Keep in Mind

  • Some users complained of a hot plug;
  • Cheap quality and construction.

3. PELONIS PHTPU 1501 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

Top Features

  • Color: White;
  • Brand: PELONIS;
  • Power source: corded electric;
  • Heating method: radiant, convection;
  • Item dimensions: 7.17L x 7.17W x 22.95H inches.

Like other ceramic heaters, this PELONIS ceramic space heater delivers fast heating and constant temperature. The PELONIS ceramic model is the most effective type of electric-resistance radiant heater. It delivers effective heat up to 70°F in just three seconds. This leads to a steady, comfortable temperature delivered by ceramic heating technology. 

 Besides, this model is easy to use. According to the product’s official website, it’s made of high-quality, cool-touch, and flame-resistant material. It comes with a US standard socket that directly plugs into any outlet without an adapter or an extension cord. The overheating switch ensures that you and your family are safe when the machine is on. 

Pelonis is an established American brand with many years of experience in the heating appliances industry. This adds another layer of legitimacy to the Pelonis PHTPU model. Its programmable thermostat allows you to select up to three heating options, including high, low, and ECO modes.  

With these features and many more, this model could easily pass as the most efficient space heater. To sum up, its sleek design blends well with the interior décor of most rooms. Without a doubt, it makes your home look more beautiful and warm. 

What We Liked

  • Digital control tower heater;
  • Remote controlled;
  • Easy clean;
  • 3-level quiet settings;

Keep in Mind

  • Instructions manual was difficult to follow;
  • Some clients complained of overheating.

4. LASKO 5775 Electric 1500W Ceramic Space Heater

Top Features

  • Color: Silver 5775;
  • Brand: LASKO;
  • Power source: corded electric;
  • Heating method: convection;
  • Item dimensions: 23.5L x 8.5W x 7.5H inches.

This 500-Watt ceramic tower space heater has all it takes to make space heater energy efficient. It allows you to switch off the whole-house thermostat and warm just the room where you are. With a patented system, it can project 1500W of comforting heat into your preferred space, while its built-in carry handle allows you to move around with it easily from one space to another.

Other features of this space heater are a 7-hour auto-off timer, 2 heat settings, and thermostat function. Besides, it comes with built-in safety features such as automatic overheat protection, a safe ceramic heating element, and cool-touch external housing.  

This tower heater unit also comes with a built-in carry handle just at the back so you can move it easily from one space to another. Like other space heaters on this list, this model embraces a programmable thermostat that automatically adjusts heat output according to room temperature. 

Finally, yet importantly, it’s lightweight, portable, and ready to use straight from the box. What more could a client look for to find the most efficient space heater?

What We Liked

  • The patented comfort system;
  • 1500W of comforting warmth;
  • Built-in safety features;
  • Programmable thermostat.

Keep in Mind

  • Some customers said it wasn’t cool to the touch;
  • Requires a lot of power.

5. PELONIS PH-19J 1500W Fast Heater 

Top Features

  • Color: White;
  • Brand: PELONIS;
  • Power source: corded electric;
  • Heating: radiant, convection;
  • Item dimensions: 7.72L x 7.72W x 17.7H inches.

With a ceramic heating element and maximum 1500W power, this ceramic heater delivers fast and efficient heating. It offers a comfortable and consistent temperature, heating up to 70°F in just three seconds. It also comes with a wide oscillation function that allows you to rotate the heater from one side to another within 83 degrees. 

This feature is unique to this model only, allowing it to increase the heat dissipation area by 20 percent more than other heaters do. The PELONIS brand embraces innovative and ultra-wide PTC energy-saving heating technology that distributes heat in large areas with ultra-high heating efficiency. 

This leads to fast and evenly to warm the entire room while keeping a consistent temperature. Besides, the model is safe to use. It’s made of cool-touch and flame-resistant material to ensure there’s no hazard whenever it’s on. Most importantly, the manufacturer allows a one-year warranty with every order.

 What We Liked

  • 1500W fast heating;
  • Easy control with a programmable thermostat;
  • Widespread oscillation;
  • Special design.

Keep in Mind

  • Some clients complained about the thermostat knob;
  • The fan had little power.

6. GAIATOP Space Heater

Top Features

  • Color: White;
  • Brand: GAIATOP;
  • Power source: corded electric;
  • Heating method: forced air, convection;
  • Item dimensions: 8.3L x 6.96W x 7.63H inches.

The GAIATOP space heater is an energy-efficient space heater for your bedroom. Available in small, compact size and lightweight design, it’s very easy to carry around while delivering warmth to your desired space. The device is ETL listed, which makes heating safer. 

It comes with 3 heating modals, which include 1000W high heat mode, 600W medium heat mode, and a normal cool blow fan that deliver proper warmth as you need. If you’re looking for the most energy-efficient space heater, this model is one of the best space heaters. 

It delivers faster and more efficient heating than traditional heaters to minimize energy consumption. It allows you to lower the thermostat to cut down your energy bills. And did you know it’s even good for the bathroom? In winter, it can serve as your hand dryer after washing, in addition to being your loyal partner on your work desk.

Most importantly, the GAIATOP ceramic heater comes in a unique design. It’s the first model in the heating appliance industry that comes with a fuselage, removable triangular wooden stand. This stand with bottom non-slip silicone provides more stability for the heater. It’s ideal for small spaces, at home, or in the office. 

What We Liked

  • Unique design unavailable in other space heaters;
  • E.T.L. listed adds a layer of legitimacy;
  • Durable material and quiet operation with noise below 35Db;
  • Energy efficient.

Keep in Mind

  • The instruction manual was not easy to understand;
  • Some clients complained it got too hot.

7. Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

Top Features

  • Color: Black;
  • Brand: Comfort Zone;
  • Power source: corded electric;
  • Heating method: forced air, convection.

Comfort Zone is another brand for anyone who is looking for the most efficient space heater. With a forced-fan circulation, it delivers fast, efficient heating as it rotates from side to side. This allows it to warm an entire room fast and evenly while keeping a consistent temperature.  

Besides, this model is ETL-listed and built to be safe. It comes with an overheat protection sensor and an automatic fail-safe that switches off power to the unit if it accidentally tips over. It delivers optimal comfort, thanks to a digital thermostat that stops overheating and stuffiness. 

Once the oscillating heater fan is on, the digital thermostat maintains the most favorable temperature for comfort. On the other hand, the ECO mode adjusts heat output for lower energy costs. With advanced safety systems, this unit is built to be safe and efficient. It comes with stay-cool housing that helps prevent any accidental burns in cases of direct skin contact. 

What We Liked

  • Optimal comfort;
  • Lower energy costs;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Advanced safety systems;

Keep in Mind

  • Some clients complained of chemical smell when it’s on;
  • Some customers said it was noisy.

8. PELONIS 14A Electric 1500W Oil Filled Radiator Heater

Top Features

  • Color: Champagne;
  • Brand: PELONIS;
  • Power source: corded electric;
  • Heating method: forced air;
  • Item dimensions: 15.16L x 6.38W x 26.06H inches.

With three heating modes, this model delivers efficient heating. Described as a quiet electric heater, it comes with high, low, and Eco heating modes and five temperature settings (65F – 85F) to deliver customized warmth without spending too much on energy bills. 

With this model, you can enjoy a quiet operation with this user-friendly model with user-friendly features like the LED display, digital thermostat, and a 10-hour timer. The manufacturer also includes a remote control for distant operation without leaving your bed or couch. 

This space heater can serve both medium and large rooms. Its oil radiator delivers optimal constant warmth with no fan noise or annoying sounds that could disrupt your sleep, work, or conversation. It has no fan-forced hot air circulation that can irritate and dry up your skin. 

It could be the most efficient space heater with safety and operational features, which include 4-swivel castor wheels, a sturdy carrying handle, and a power indicator light that shows the unit is ON. 

What We Liked

  • Manufacturer warranty of one year;
  • Safety features;
  • Safe, silent, and healthy;
  • Easy to move;
  • Efficient heating element;

Keep in Mind

  • One customer complained of a bad smell;
  • Not perfect for colder garage use.

9. Space Heater For Indoor Use, Asterion Portable Office Heater

Top Features

  • Color: Black;
  • Brand: ASTERION;
  • Power source: corded electric;
  • Heating method: forced air, convection;
  • Item dimensions: 8.9L x 6.8W x 13.3H inches.

This model helps you lower your electricity bill, qualifying it as the most efficient space heater. It achieves this through the Eco mode, which shuts the unit off when the ambient temperature exceeds the set temperature, when the surrounding temperature gets lower than the set temperature (0-4°F), the unit restarts and begins to heat the room. 

This action means the heater doesn’t run non-stop, thereby saving money on energy consumption. Additionally, it allows you to adjust the temperature between 60°F and 90°F. These features help you save energy and lower your energy bill. 

Unlike other space heaters that have three settings flexibility adjusting, this model has five. It has a low mode of 900W, high or 1500W, Eco (60°F – 90°F), Freeze (45°F), and fan modes. This allows you to adjust the thermostat to the heat level you’re most comfortable with. 

What We Liked

  • Portable and wide-angle heating;
  • 5 settings for flexibility adjusting;
  • Safety protection and a 24-hour timer;
  • ETL and CA65 approved;
  • Applied premium ceramic technology.

Keep in Mind

  • A buyer complained about the remote control;
  • The ECO temp control didn’t work well for some customers.

10. LASKO Bladeless W/Remote Space Heaters

Top Features

  • Color: Silver Aw300;
  • Brand: LASKO;
  • Power source: corded electric;
  • Heating method: convection;
  • Item dimensions: 10.8L x 27.17W x 9.16H inches.

The LASKO Bladeless model closes our list of the most efficient space heaters. This model comes with simple touch controls to deliver high and low settings and an 8-hour timer. It also has an automatic thermostat that adjusts heat level to precision according to your preferred temperature.

Additionally, it comes with enhanced safety features, including no visible heating element, safe touch surface, and an automatic shut-off and tip-over safety switch. The model is ETL listed and has specially designed heat channels that mix air with heat to deliver fast, evenly distributed long-range heat projection. 

The LASKO Bladeless space heater comes with a permanent rear filter equipped with EZClick System to keep the device heat-free. Besides, the Heat Channels are easy to clean and can be wiped clean. With a built-in thermal overload protector, the heater prevents overheating by automatically shutting off once it reaches the overheat temperature. 

What We Liked

  • Exclusive heat channels;
  • Fully assembled;
  • A non-exposed ceramic heating element;
  • Built-in features;
  • Can work as a supplemental heat.

Keep in Mind

  • It’s a little noisy;
  • Not ideal for bigger rooms more than 300 sq feet or basement areas bigger than 500 sq feet.

A Quick Summary of Our Editor’s Pick

Best Overall: Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Heater (8.5 L x 7.25 W x 23 H) Inches

Most Affordable: GAIATOP Space Heater—Energy efficient small space heater

The Most Wanted: Lasko 5165 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater

The Most Efficient Space Heater: Final Words

You could save money on your electricity bills by buying an energy-efficient space heater. Some space heaters could easily cause a “major spike in your electricity bill” based on how often you want to use your device. Choose one of the devices mentioned on this list, and you’ll have the most efficient space heater.

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