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Here at, our goal is to improve the average consumer’s purchasing decisions. This is why we conduct extensive research to learn which products truly live up to their claims. We strive to remove the confusion from shopping decisions and to help people narrow down their options.

The Benefit of a Sponsored Post

So, how do you fit into all of this?

Well, we love providing our readers with even more content that can help with their decisions. This is one of the reasons that we welcome guest posts and sponsored posts on our site. The more that we can broaden our readers’ horizons, the better!

Now, here is what you get out of this deal:

  • The inclusion of a backlink to your site
  • Exposure to a new, diverse audience
  • Greater online visibility 

If you are an up-and-coming site or would like to promote your product or service, our audience can be vital to you. We will provide you with a platform that gives you access to consumers that will be specifically looking for what you have to offer.

You can also consider this as an opportunity to pose yourself as an expert in your field, lending credibility to both you and your site.

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We are currently accepting sponsored posts and guest articles.

If you would like to learn more about our prices and payment options, please contact us directly.

Provide us with your Name, Email Address, along with your message. Someone from our team will contact you shortly.

Categories Accepted for Sponsored Post

When writing your article, it is important to keep the context of our website and our audience in mind.

While we do cover a variety of tech content, our main focus is:

  • VPN Services
  • Money Transfers
  • Many more

Check out the articles on our site to see if your product or service is a match for what we write about.

If you’re not sure if your content will be suitable, reach out to us and we’ll let you know if we can make it work.

You can choose to give us topic suggestions or a short draft when contacting us. We will be able to let you know if you meet our criteria.

Guest Posting Guidelines

We are very careful about the kind of content that we publish on our site.

It is important to us to ensure that our audience only has access to high-quality articles.

Due to this, every article that you submit should meet the following criteria:

  • Keep It Relevant: make sure that you aren’t submitting content that has already been covered on our site. Your post should be new, fresh, and have a different angle than other content that we have published.
  • Original Content: we only accept 100% original content. The article that you write should not appear on any other site. You should write a post that is tailored to our site and criteria.
  • Posting Length: aim to have your post be over 700 words.  We do prefer longer, more comprehensive articles.
  • Keep It Practical: your post should have relevance to our readers. Give practical tips, actionable guidelines, and real-world advice.
  • Posting Layout:  format your article so that it is easy to read. Alternate between long and short sentences and have smaller paragraphs.

Use Headings to separate ideas. There should be one H1 heading with subsequent H2 headings. If you are dividing the content under H2 headings as well, use H3, H4, etc. as necessary.

Include bullet points to keep points concise and easier to understand.

  • Use Images: you can illustrate various points with the help of suitable images or infographs. If you are taking this content from somewhere else, make sure that it is properly sourced.
  • Image Criteria: images should be at least 1200px X 628px and max size 800KB. Only use images that are either royalty-free or that you have permission to use.
  • Sourcing: it is important that all the information that you provide is factually correct. Back up any claims or facts with research and real-life data. Use authority sites as proof.
  • Adding Links: you can add two external links to your article. Make sure that these are from non-competitor sites.
  • Well-Written Articles: posts shouldn’t contain any grammar or spelling errors. Always proofread your article before sending it in.

What We Are Looking For

To get a better understanding of what we expect from your post, please take a look at some of the relevant articles on our site.

Although your article may contain promotional content, make sure that it isn’t structured in an obvious way.

Our readers should be able to gain some knowledge or awareness by reading your post.

Always focus on what you can offer the readers. You can then be perceived as an expert in your industry.

Allow your voice to shine through. This will make your post more unique and thus, more interesting.

What We Don’t Want

Make sure that you aren’t tackling a topic that has been rehashed many times before. Keep things interesting.

When sending us your article, make sure that it is completed, makes sense, and is fit to be published. The fewer edits that we have to make, the more quickly your article can be posted on our site.

We don’t accept profanity, hateful speech, or anything that doesn’t meet basic moral standards.

What Happens Next

Once you send your article to us, we will need some time to look it over.

Please be aware that we will edit it as needed. However, your links will remain untouched.

If we have any questions regarding the content, we will reach out to you.

We can’t specify when the post will be published. However, if you feel that we haven’t received your guest post, you can contact us directly.

To ensure that your guest post is accepted and published as quickly as possible, please adhere to all the guidelines mentioned here.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us directly. Please specify that you are looking for clarifications on sponsored posts.

For pricing and to talk further please contact us