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Daisycon Review – Everything You Need to Know

Daisycon Review Daisycon is currently one of the leading affiliate and lead generation networks in the Netherlands. The company has evolved over the years and now has a more expanded reach across Europe. Thus, if you are an affiliate, it could appear as though Daisycon does have quite a bit to offer you. To discover […]

October 7, 2021 at 8:24 am in Affiliate Networks

Daisycon Review

Daisycon is currently one of the leading affiliate and lead generation networks in the Netherlands. The company has evolved over the years and now has a more expanded reach across Europe. Thus, if you are an affiliate, it could appear as though Daisycon does have quite a bit to offer you. To discover if this is true or not, check out this comprehensive Daisycon review.

Daisycon – At a Glance

Daisycon didn’t always exist as such. Rather, there were three separate entities –,, and – handling CPC, affiliate marketing, and lead generation respectively. These were all brought under the Daisycon brand in 2007.
Daisycon does have a global reach. At this point, however, the company maintains offices in Almere, Aarhus, Antwerpen, Oldenberg, and Oslo. It continues to work with advertisers and publishers around the world.

The Pros

Let’s consider the positive elements of working with Daisycon.

Greater Earning Potential

Now, there are a couple of reasons why it may be easier to earn money with Daisycon as an affiliate. To begin with, the company is associated with many well-known brands. This, alone, makes it a lot easier to sell a certain product or company to your visitors or followers.
However, what really sets Daisycon apart from the rest of the affiliate networks is that it pays for a greater number of services. Understand, most advertisers will only pay for direct conversions. This means that the traffic that you sent to a particular site has to be converted into a sale.
Now, many advertisers on Daisycon do follow this pattern. At the same time, there are those that will pay for clicks and lead generation as well. Naturally, these will not result in a high commission as that of conversion. Nevertheless, you could end up making more money in the long run.

Boosted Revenue and Converted Options

As you are probably aware, certain sectors are more lucrative at different times of the year. During these periods, Daisycon allows you to make use of promotional options. Thus, you can boost your conversion rate even more since you will be taking advantage of natural peaks throughout the year. Needless to say, this allows you to make money with minimal effort.

Access to Different Kinds of Media

With many companies, your focus is often just on websites and social media. Well, with Daisycon, you can advertise on these platforms and a few others. You can also make use of email marketing and advertising networks.
Once more, this works in your favor. When you are able to advertise to your target audience in even more ways, you get to improve your odds of passing on readers and followers towards advertisers. Naturally, this puts in you the right position to make more money.

Can Have Access to Campaigns

At Daisycon, you actually get quite a bit of support in terms of how you can advertise to visitors, followers, and subscribers. For instance, depending on your niche and capabilities, you will be provided with access to different advertising campaigns.
These are more comprehensive and creative options. Thus, it makes it much easier to target interested parties across a number of platforms. You can also manage the campaign as well as track its performance. This will give you an idea of just how successful your endeavors are.

Detailed Statistics

With Daisycon, you have the opportunity to do quite a bit. Fortunately, the network makes it easy for you to find statistics on everything that you are doing. You can check your performance based on time or on the kind of function that you are performing on the site. This feature can help you stay organized and on top of each of your processes at the same time.

Excellent Tracking System

In a similar fashion, you can also track your conversions through lots of different options. You can track through URLs, search engines, email, Facebook transactions, and more. In short, you can see what is working for you and what isn’t. As such, you can change up any one of your approaches as you see fit.

Faster Payment Methods

Most affiliate marketing networks will rely on bank transfers to provide your payment. Unfortunately, this is a rather time-consuming process that can take several days to be completed. Daisycon, on the other hand, allows you to receive payment through third-party payment systems speeding up the process considerably.

The Cons

Now let’s consider some of the negative aspects of the system.

Higher Charges for Faster Payment

It is true that you can get your money faster than with other affiliate networks. However, there is a catch. As the site determines third party systems to be riskier, they include a charge for these transactions. This automatically cuts into how much money you will end up making.

Complex System

While Daisycon has a great deal to offer affiliates, there is no denying that this system is rather complex, particularly because there are so many moving parts to it. Thus, it can take a while to become acquainted with all the different elements. Not to mention, if you are only just starting out with affiliate marketing, this setup may seem a little too difficult for you to manage. And, since there is no training, you will have to resort to relying on the provided guidelines.


If you are an eager affiliate, then Daisycon has quite a bit to offer. To begin with, there is more potential to earn money here than with other affiliate networks. This is because you may be offered compensation for clicks and leads, in addition to conversions.
Furthermore, the sales tactics by Daisycon are more comprehensive and include different kinds of media and campaigns. This, too, can make it a great deal easier for you to bolster your sales. Nevertheless, there are some minor issues with the company. The most pressing one is that it may be a bit too complex for certain individuals. At the very least, it will take a long while to figure out just how to set everything up with this site.

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