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TopOffers Affiliate Network Review – Do They Live Up to Their Name?

TopOffers is not the most popular affiliate network around. However, they give larger ones a run for their money. To begin with, they offer many ways to make cash. This includes CPA, CPI, Revshare, and more. They’re not the most popular as they cater mostly to a niche. We’ve talked more about it below.

October 4, 2021 at 9:46 am in Affiliate Networks

TopOffers is not the most popular affiliate network around. However, they give larger ones a run for their money. To begin with, they offer many ways to make cash. This includes CPA, CPI, Revshare, and more. They’re not the most popular as they cater mostly to a niche. We’ve talked more about it below.

Who Is TopOffers?

They are an affiliate marketing network that lets you make commissions in several ways. You can make use of CPA (Cost per Action), CPI (Cost per Installment), CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPS (Cost Per Sale), and Revshare. The network focuses mostly on CPA, though.

When it comes to their history, we don’t know much about it. That being said, they are a leading network in the dating site game. Most of their advertisers are from the niche.

Signing Up on Topoffers

As an affiliate, you know that certain networks have lengthy registration processes. For you, this is an inconvenience. But for advertisers, this is a good thing. It gives them more information to assess you with. When it comes to TopOffers, they don’t ask a range of questions. It’s quite speedy to send in applications.

They only ask for the standard information. This includes details on your site and how you’d like to receive payments. You need to include everything on three different pages.

Once you’ve submitted the form, you’ll have to wait for a representative to interview you. You’ll need to clarify all the data you included.

One of the benefits of working with them is that they accept a range of sites. If you’re producing traffic through SEO, Email, PPC, or even SMM, you can join their services. There are some types of traffic that they don’t allow, such as chat and fraudulent ones.

If you’re an advertiser trying to sign up, you’ll have fewer details to fill. These would include your:

  • Company name
  • Website name
  • Vertical
  • Email

A few alternatives to TopOffers let agencies join as well. These would be companies that work on behalf of several brands. Working with them would give you access to more lucrative offers. Unfortunately, the network doesn’t let such entities sign up at present. Maybe they will in the future.

As an affiliate, you’ll get a $1000 bonus if you make $10,000 in revenue in your first three months. For a successful site, this shouldn’t be an issue.

Brand Pool at Topoffers

We have bad news, however. They don’t show how many advertisers are available. You’ll be going in blind. But we know how many offers there are on the site: over 1500. And one of the perks of working with them is that they let you make high EPCs through 150 GEOs.

In terms of the advertisers you’ll be able to work with, the verticals they offer are restricted. As mentioned, TopOffers is a major affiliate network for dating sites.

As the dating niche is what they focus on, let’s talk about it. They mostly work with Asian and European ones. Thankfully, European dating sites are some of the largest around. The platform has made it easy to pick names to work with. You can filter options through the following fields:

  • MILF
  • Mature
  • BBW
  • Gay
  • Black

The other verticals they offer are cryptocurrency, gaming, and sweepstakes.


The moment you create an account, you’ll have a manager assigned to you. They would guide you through the best offers available, as well as clearing any doubts you may have. To look for lucrative deals, you should probably speak to them first.

When you visit your account, you’ll notice how well-organised your dashboard is. TopOffers did a good job with its design. Opening tabs don’t cause clutter – they open in such a way that this does not fill the page.

You’ll have access to real-time statistics on how links are doing. This sounds very appealing, but it’s a feature that is common in the affiliate marketing realm. In terms of the links you’ll be able to place, they would be world-wide smart links. They are protected from fraud, which an advertiser would be pleased to hear.

Of course, there are pages where you can see payment history and reports. The latter produces reports on your link stats.

Working with your manager would help you find lucrative deals. However, going through the platform’s News page would do the trick too. You’ll have access to the network’s top offers of the week. The News page also fills you in on anything the network is coming up with. They could have some hot deals on the horizon.

Getting Paid by TopOffers

Of course, you may be wondering how you will be paid. Well, this could be in several ways. You can receive cash through Paxum, Bitcoin, wire transfers, and ePayments. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to receive funds through PayPal, though this is most people’s preferred method. Wire transfers are great, but we would have loved it if ACH were offered too.

To receive your cash, you’ll need to hit a quota. The minimum threshold would be $500. We have to say, it’s quite a large amount to reach.

In terms of when you’ll be getting paid, this would be once a month for earnings between $500-$1000. If you managed to earn over $1500, you’ll receive them every week. As mentioned, they have a payment history tab in your dashboard. You can keep track of past payments as well as commissions that are due.


When it comes to affiliate networks, work with those that offer thorough resources. You might be new to the practice, so their materials would let you be an expert in no time. Thankfully for TopOffers, they provide an education blog section. The articles available on it are not only resourceful but well-written too.

One of the drawbacks is that their blog section is not updated regularly. And there aren’t that many articles on them. This is a shame as leading affiliate networks are known to update their resource guides many times a week. They’d also offer resources other than articles. You’ll see PepperJam having fully-fledged courses for you to learn to affiliate market better. This includes things like tutorials and online lectures.

Most of the material on TopOffers is for affiliates. If you’re a brand that is new to affiliate marketing, this would be disappointing.

Using their blog section might be confusing. You might expect the site to offer a few guides. However, the news section we mentioned above is merged with the page. The offers of the week and news of upcoming events will load first when you visit the site. You’ll only find their informative guides when you click on the Affiliate Tips section.

Customer Support

Not only should you work with an affiliate network that has superb resources, but also one that has great customer support. To contact the TopOffers team, you’ll have to reach out through a contact form. You’ll have to fill in what you want help with, along with your name and email address.

Their team is not the speediest at getting back. They are informative, though. They are also friendly, so you won’t feel like you’re imposing on them.

The platform does not offer a FAQ section. This is a bummer as you would have been able to get immediate help or reached out if they offered a live-chat. Many competitors offer these features, but they sadly do not.

As mentioned, you can make use of your account manager. The staff member assigned to you is guaranteed to be helpful, so you can sort out all your problems. And although they don’t offer a FAQ section, don’t forget that a blog section is available. Some of the posts they have could answer queries.

The network lets you reach out to them through social media too. This includes Linkedin and Twitter. You might expect them to reply quickly on Twitter like most companies do. However, this is not the case. You can try direct messaging them on the platform, but you’d likely get a reply only after a few weeks or so.

TopOffers | Final Thoughts

We think the TopOffers has some great features and you can make cash in several ways. However, they are known for their Cost Per Action commissions. This is because they are known to prevent fraud.

When it comes to the number of advertisers available, the site hasn’t released an exact number. That being said, there are around 2000 offers to choose from. Although dating offers are the most abundant, there are also offers on gaming, sweepstakes, and cryptocurrency.

You’re assigned a manager once you create a profile. They would guide you through the most lucrative offers available. You’ll also be able to find these by going through the site’s news section. You can see if there is anything worth your time.

All in all, we think the platform is easy to use. You can make quite a bit of cash on it. However, their commission quota might be too steep for smaller sites, as you’ll have to make $500 to get paid. We hope that our TopOffers review helped you.

Notice: The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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