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Coin App Review – Discover Now All You Need to Know

This Coin App review breaks down the features related to the Coin App as well as how useful it can be to users.

November 16, 2023 at 8:14 am in Cryptocurrency

Have you ever wondered how to make that extra coin by doing what you like or love? The Coin App may be the solution for you. This Coin App review breaks down the features related to the Coin App as well as how useful it can be to users. 

Geomining is the technology used by Coin App to locate and explore digital assets from the geographical space while it shares applicable location data. This application is available on both Google Play as well as AppStore. The big question here is, what is the Coin App, and is the Coin app legit? What do I need to do in order to start earning from it? How safe can my data be, especially since I might be sharing my geolocation data? 

In order to get an answer to all these questions, we will look into the features of the Coin App that many people consider controversial. Let’s get straight into it and see what the Coin App has really to offer and whether it really is worth downloading.

Coin App Review | Introduction

The Coin App is a mobile application that gives allows one to collect coins by using the app, doing simple tasks, and sharing your geolocation data. This is a very enchanting offer in that one does not have to put in a lot of effort to start to earn (you mostly get to do your daily routines, but the catch is the app tracks you, and you get to earn). For most people, this is a powerful and useful invention. It can be viewed as the easiest way to earn money. 

The application works for every user as long as you are connected to the internet and your location is turned on to track your progress. The coins’ earnings from the Coin App are the reason why people download it. Once you have received your coin rewards, you can later get to trade them for physical or digital items, such as tech gadgets, digital currencies, and even sweepstakes. 

Currently, the Coin App can be used across the world, and anyone who has a smartphone can access its features. To ensure the data of its users are secure, this app has collaborated with the XYO foundation, which ensures the safety of the data collected. Let’s dive into this Coin App review and see what it has to offer.

Coin App Features

The Coin App has grown significantly ever since its launch. It contains different app features, which include Explore, Socializes, Achieve, and Power-ups.

Explore Feature

This feature allows users to earn just by exploring. Geo-dropping allows you to drop assets on the tile where you are. Auto Explore, on the other hand, is used mostly when driving or doing something that needs all your attention. 

Product scans are used for scanning items at the shop, while store visits are used when one is visiting the store to probably run errands. Finally, the reward survey in the app gives you surveys to attempt and get rewarded after completion.

Socialize Feature

Let’s see which are the socialize features from this Coin App review. Imagine getting paid just from socializing. The features in the socializing section include the use of referral links where you will gain rewards by referring someone to the application. 

The other feature is team lifting, whereby you will earn rewards as a team by working together, and finally, leader boarding, whereby those with unique usernames and profiles get to be above the rest and thereby earn more. 

Achieve Feature

This feature is suitable for users who want to get physical rewards in the end. The first achieve feature is sweepstake that is only available in the US and UK. Here you can redeem your treasures for sweepstakes. 

You can also get physical redemptions by trading in treasure for either games or gadgets. The same applies to digital redemptions, where one receives souvenirs and digital rewards, and finally, the funny Easter eggs where you find hidden treasures in the app. 

Power-ups Feature

The final feature is the power-ups feature that comprises of remote geo-claim where you earn by geo-claiming far away regions. Background time helps the user earn more rewards through increasing their background time. Finally, the background recharge allows you to earn even though the application is not active on your phone. 

Coin App Review – How to Use It

After downloading the Coin App, one is prompted to set up account details, although you can still geo-mine without necessarily setting up an account. However, it is advisable to create an account in order for your assets to be safe in the mail. 

When using the app, you should turn on the location services in order for it to track your locations for geo-mining purposes. Once an account is active, you should tap on the pickaxe button, which will prompt a blue ring to appear on the screen when you start geo-mining. 

Users are able to keep track of their coins’ collection counter from the screen top in the application. The redeeming of coins is done once you’ve hit the target of 10,000 tokens. In return, you get cryptocurrency or physical items depending on what you want. 

In order to get these coins, you can do some of the following activities: going shopping, scanning items or just being at the store, doing surveys in the application, and driving around, among other activities. Click here for a more in-depth explanation of how to use the Coin App.

Coin App Subscriptions

The service has different levels of subscriptions for the users, that is what we can tell in this Coin App review; it is up to you as an individual to choose what works for you. Users can choose from the following three subscriptions:

Basic Subscription

This type of subscription is free to use and is fitting for first-time users or beginners in the app. The features included in the basic plan are 1x Geomining Speed, 1x Geomining Recharge Exchange Rate, 1x Geomining rewards, bonus drop power, background rewards boost, geo-claim shield and bonus, and Big Geo-mines.

Plus Subscription 

The plus Coin App subscription offers users who are ready for something more from the basic plan, but the cost paid is not that hefty. It costs about 25 dollars for this plan, and the features include 2x geo-mining and geo-mining recharge rate, twelve times geo-mining rewards, two times additional geo-mining rewards, two times the big geo-mines, geo-claim shield and bonus, and two times background rewards boost.

Pro Subscription

In this subscription, one has to pay thirty-five dollars per month, but the catch is you get to earn high rewards. The features include Geo-claim bonus, three times big geo-mines, twelve times geo-mining rewards, 3x geo-mining and geo-mining recharge exchange rate, three times additional geo-mining rewards, bonus drop power, and geo-claim bonus and shield.

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Coin App Review – Conclusion

Through the Coin App review, it’s clear the app is user-friendly, allowing users to easily use it, especially the basic subscription plan. If you are into cryptocurrency, then this might just be the application for you. 

It is best to exchange the coins for digital currencies than physical items where one has to pay for shipping costs, which sometimes may be costly depending on one’s location. The Coin App pros include its availability worldwide, offers a way to earn while doing your daily activities, and its user-friendliness. 

The cons include: some rewards aren’t available in some countries, the subscription plans are expensive, and you might not get the value of your money back. With this Coin App review, you can make an informed decision.

Notice: The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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