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Avira Antivirus Review – Features, Privacy, and Products

Avira antivirus review to find out what it’s worth and what potential buyers might be concerned about.

April 13, 2022 at 11:54 am in Anti Virus

Avira antivirus review, we will run through the main features of this antivirus.

You can add coverage for more devices with a paid package. With Avira Pro and Security Suite, you can cover up to 5 devices. The Avira Prime package supports an “unlimited” number of devices.
What’s more, the paid packages offer extra password protection, software update tools, and some system optimization features. The Prime subscription comes with system cleanup, a premium mobile app, and a full-service VPN (the free version of VPN is quite limited).

Avira antivirus review to learn about what makes it worth it, and what might concern potential buyers.

The Pros

Avira antivirus review’s an overview:

Free Version Is All You Need

Avira’s free version should do just fine. There is no need to actually pay for anything.

Solid Performance Scores

For a free antivirus program, you may not really expect Avira to perform well. Surprisingly enough, Avira’s anti-malware performance scores are at the top. It once got a perfect score on an independent AV test run by a German lab. That is not to say Avira is free of faults and errors. There are certainly irritating factors. Regardless, the core malware protection engine is top-notch regardless of what you pay (or don’t pay).

More Device Support than Competitors

Most antivirus programs charge a fortune to offer support for multiple devices. If you want antivirus support for all the internet-connected gadgets in your home, you would have to dish out hundreds of dollars a year for a premium family package. In this Avira antivirus review, we’ll tell that it is different. Its Prime package, which roughly costs $100, offers “unlimited” device support. You can actually support up to 25 devices at least, which is a lot more than what competitors offer.

Privacy Protection Tool

For all paid Avira antivirus products, you get a privacy protection tool called Privacy Pal. It offers additional tools to keep your data private. Privacy Pal is particularly suited to Windows 10 users who get bombarded with ads. Privacy Pal can prevent Cortana from tracking you, for example. While privacy protection isn’t comprehensive, having this tool can protect your data significantly than not having it.

Low System Impact

Avira, even with a transaction tool and a VPN, doesn’t clog up the operating system. This is one of the best low-impact antivirus tools out there.

Performance Enhancement

Avira Prime. It purports to block apps that overuse your system’s resources. Using an antivirus can slow down operating systems, so a tool like this is an essential addition.

The Cons

Some concerning things from this Avira antivirus review:

“Unlimited” Isn’t Exactly Unlimited

The most premium version of Avira promises users that an “unlimited” number of devices can use one antivirus package. However, what Avira really means is about 25 devices per household. It doesn’t actually support hundreds of devices as “unlimited” indicates. This is a false marketing claim, so buyers beware.

Limited Premium Features

Avira can certainly do more in terms of offering features to justify the prices on paid packages.

Choosing the Right Avira Product for You

Avira antivirus review.

If there’s a downside to Avira, it’s that you don’t really get much with the paid packages. The pricing is budget-friendly, but the features on offer don’t really justify the cost. You would mostly get enhanced versions of some of the extra perks offered with the free version. Some people might want to upgrade to the paid version for tools like the email spam filter. But most users won’t get a real benefit from it.

Avira is probably the best if you are looking for a free or low-cost antivirus program. It’s a reliable and solid performer that makes online browsing as secure as possible. You can quite effectively guard against modern threats like ransomware. It hardly gets better than this.

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