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Bitdefender Review – A Detailed Analysis of This Antivirus

Bitdefender in 2022 is therefore still worth sticking to, even if it is not perfect. You might want to stay away from the free version from now on, though.

March 8, 2022 at 1:42 pm in Anti Virus

Bitdefender offers small and medium businesses, mid-market enterprises, and consumers cybersecurity solutions with industry-leading security efficacy, performance, and ease of use. Bitdefender is dedicated to defending enterprises and individuals throughout the world from cyberattacks in order to enhance and improve their digital experience, guided by a vision to be the world’s most trusted cybersecurity solutions supplier.

Bitdefender Review | At a Glance

Bitdefender review what this free antivirus offers:

  • Quick installation
  • Runs without slowing down the operating system
  • Suited for RAM-intensive applications like gaming

The free antivirus, in Bitdefender’s own terms, offers only “bare bones” protection. If you want more, the company also sells subscription-based malware protection software for PCs, Macs, smartphones, and other smart devices. Bitdefender has three new packages available for 2021:

  • Bitdefender Family Pack 2021

The above are available for personal users. Business users have different options to choose from.
Bitdefender is available for IoT gadgets too, but you would have to buy specific packages separately.

Bitdefender Review | The Pros

Find now in this Bitdefender review the list of benefits:

All Around Ransomware and Fraud Protection

Bitdefender promises comprehensive protection against ransomware attacks and online fraud even with the free version of the software. The paid editions offer more hardened features, especially for keeping your computer protected from various online threats. The 2021 editions come with a new tool called ransomware remediation. You can use it to decrypt files that might get encrypted by ransomware. Success rates aren’t guaranteed though.

Lots of Features

Even the cheapest version of Bitdefender antivirus comes with a host of features. The basic entry has a password manager, a secure web browser, a network scanner, and even a file shredder to permanently delete documents. Bitdefender has recently introduced anti-tracking features to prevent advertisers from following you around the web.
Users can also get parental controls, even with the Internet Security package. Most other brands only offer parental control for expensive family packages. On top of that, Bitdefender offers a powerful firewall and file encryption for those who need it. You also get standard fares like protection against webcam and microphone hijackings and spam filtering.


The VPN is available with all paid packages. It’s not much compared to exclusive VPN software, but it’s an added plus when you want improved privacy features. There’s a daily data limit for VPN usage, but it’s well justified, given the cost.

More Automation

One of the biggest new features for paid packages is automated online threat prevention. Essentially, Bitdefender can stand in the way of a brute force attempt to take control of your computer.

Customization Options

With paid versions, users can customize how Bitdefender works on their computers. This is quite a useful feature for optimizing system performance. You can enable or disable certain functions of the antivirus program depending on what you are doing on the computer.

Bitdefender Review | The Cons

These are the major concerns regarding this antivirus from our Bitdefender review:

Major Security Breach

In August 2019, a cybersecurity research firm called Safe Breach reported a massive Bitdefender vulnerability that allowed a hacker to take over a Windows computer. In tech lingo, this is called a privilege escalation attack. It essentially allows a hacker to gain the same access to a computer as its owner or a primary administrator. This is a very serious type of attack to be allowed by a malware protection program.
Bitdefender makes their PCs vulnerable, at least with the free version.

Malware Protection Hasn’t Kept Up

Bitdefender doesn’t work anymore. But its independent test scores don’t meet the expectations the brand has set with its marketing.

Choosing Bitdefender as Your Antivirus in 2021

Bitdefender 2021 has in store for users is improved ransomware protection. Most features remain the same, but online threat screening and prevention tools are noticeably better than before.

Also, Bitdefender paid editions offer tons of features even if you purchase the cheapest version. Tools like VPNs and password managers are available for non-premium paid editions too. Getting a VPN is always a nice edition. Parents can get access to parental controls even on the cheaper packages without having to pay for expensive family packages. That’s all we wanted to say in this Bitdefender review.

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Bitdefender Review | Verdict

Bitdefender in 2022 is therefore still worth sticking to, even if it is not perfect. You might want to stay away from the free version from now on, though.

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