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BullGuard Antivirus Review – Everything You Need to Know

In 2021, the BullGuard brand, products, and services became part of NortonLifeLock, along with brands such as Norton and Avira.

April 13, 2022 at 12:01 pm in Anti Virus

In 2021, the BullGuard brand, products, and services became part of NortonLifeLock, along with brands such as Norton and Avira.

There are more features available for higher-priced subscriptions. But the above are highlights of the antivirus software available in all packages Bullguard Antivirus offers.

  • Three layers of malware protection
  • Home network scanner
  • System optimization for gamers
  • Behavioral detection engine
  • Heavy-duty firewall

BullGuard Antivirus Review – The Pros

While Bullguard may not have a mighty brand name behind it, it offers these notable perks to users:

Buffed Up Malware Protection

Bullguard though, you are offered a built-in behavioral detection feature. It essentially learns how to spot malware by looking up abnormal behavior of files and code. The company keeps this engine updated, so your devices are up-to-date on the latest cyber threats.

System Optimization for Gaming

In this Bullguard Antivirus review, we can say that offers a unique feature called “game booster.” It purports to optimize all processes on a PC, even during RAM heavy sessions such as gaming. This feature is mainly aimed at gamers, but others, like video editors, may also benefit.
If virus scanners slow down your other work, this feature by Bullguard may help. The company says this optimization feature eliminates interruptions like pop-ups during gaming sessions. The idea is to ensure that gaming is seamless even when a virus guard is enabled.

Network Protection

This antivirus program comes with a home network scanner that works around the clock. Bullguard can scan your entire home network for potential threats. This is not an amazing feature if you use only your desktop. However, if you have a smart home with gadgets like connected speakers, baby monitors, or light bulbs, then a home network scanner would be quite useful.
Bullguard auto-scans the home network for routine checkups. It can alert users if suspicious devices are picked up on the home network. While there are other devices that can do this, not many antivirus protection software come with such a feature. Note that home network protection is only available with the Premium Protection package.

Improved Firewall

Let’s find more in this BullGuard antivirus review. The antivirus subscription now comes with a new firewall. Bullguard has enhanced the older firewall with more optimization on the table for Windows 10. The firewall is more power-efficient than it used to be. It uses less CPU power to prevent system lag. And it can do useful things like track security updates (just in case you have automatic updates turned off).
The powered-up firewall is only available with Internet Security and Premium Protection plans.

Download Encryption

This is a neat extended feature of the Bullguard firewall. It offers end-to-end encryption for any file you download while the browser extension is enabled. This type of encryption protects your data while in transmission. Browsers typically have some type of similar protection for downloads. But just in case you end up trying to download a suspicious file, Bullguard can protect your data to a certain extent.
The app filtering feature prevents any unauthorized devices from connecting to the internet. Bullguard describes this feature as a “virtual moat,” where intruding into your devices is made all the more difficult.

Identity Protection and Parental Control for Some Packages

Though the antivirus program lacks these, the higher-priced subscriptions have extra features like parental controls bundled in. The premium version even has a mobile protection feature. If you are willing to spend more, you can definitely benefit from the extra features that justify the cost.

BullGuard Antivirus Review – The Cons

Here are the downsides of Bullguard:

Unreliable Test Results

Bullguard still offers solid protection, even if it’s not up to par as advertised.

Supports Only Up to 5 Devices

Bullguard comes up short.

Best Features Not Available in the Antivirus Package

The best feature that makes Bullguard stand out, like an improved firewall, is not available in the basic antivirus package. You need to upgrade to Internet Security or premium even for home network coverage. This is fine if you have already planned on purchasing a bigger package, but it’s a huge disadvantage when you don’t.

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