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Chat GPT-3 vs 4: What’s the Difference, and Which Is Better?

Chat GPT-3 vs GPT-4: Examining their unique features and capabilities to make an informed choice for your AI-powered needs.

November 16, 2023 at 8:22 am in Technology

The world has changed considerably since the introduction of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Moreover, social media platforms, SaaS businesses, and many others use such innovative technology to better understand, craft, and deliver their products and services to their customers’ doorsteps. 

But what is striking about generative AI in conjunction with a type of large language model (LLM) is that it led to the creation of a robust tool called Chat GPT. As such, currently on the market, there are two variations of this tool: Chat GPT-3 and Chat GPT-4. 

As such, today we are discussing everything you need to know about both, answering some of the most asked questions, such as how much better Chat GPT-4 is than 3 and what can Chat GPT-4 do that 3 can’t

Before jumping into details, we think it is essential to know more about this generative tool. We must discuss their capabilities by understanding the technology behind them, their practical applications, innovation, and creativity. By understanding these, we can adjust our expectations and use the tool accordingly. 

So, let’s get started! 

What is Chat GPT-3?

What is Chat GPT-3?

Chat GPT is an AI-powered chatbot enhanced by a natural language processor to deliver human-like conversations. The tool has been developed to respond to users’ queries and create various text-based prompts, but it is more comprehensive than this.  

You can see the similarities between the first chatbots used in customer service websites. In contrast, it replied to customers’ inquiries regarding a specific subject, such as a company’s product. 

However, Chat GPT or Generative Pre-trained Transformer was trained based on the Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) model to better perform and offer comprehensive answers in line with users’ intent. 

Additionally, based on mixed training provided by user feedback, human AI trainers, and the dataset used in InstructGPT, Chat GPT delivered a comprehensive dialogue format.  

What is Chat GPT-4?

What is Chat GPT-4?

GPT-4 is the improved version of its predecessor and brings a new creative flex. Moreover, it can generate and iterate different writing tasks and styles. 

Moreover, this new model is designed to understand better the many different language nuances, offering more accurate and coherent responses. 

Who Developed Chat GPT?

An American AI research and deployment company, Open AI, is the mastermind behind Chat GPT. Their mission is to democratize the use of AI by making the benefits available to humanity. 

It is speculated that Elon Musk is part of this organization and that OpenAi has been funded by several investors, such as Microsoft. Furthermore, OpenAI is also the creator of Dall-E, an AI text-to-art generator. 

Use Cases of Chat GPT

1. Content Generation

Writers, marketers, and content creators can use Chat GPT to create, revise, and write text in various formats, such as ad copy, blog articles, research papers, product descriptions, etc. Moreover, the tool can be used to ideate new and creative ideas based on a prompt or on drafts. 

2. Customer Support

If you have a business, you most probably know how important customer support is. Then why not use Chat GPT to handle your customers’ queries and offer unlimited support? Benefit now: enhance customer satisfaction and reduce response time. 

3. Language Translation

Let’s say you need to translate a text, and then you can use Chat GPT to get the job done. By benefiting from this AI-powered tool, you can break any language barrier and ensure a seamless conversation. 

4. Education or Tutoring

Chat GPT can be that virtual colleague to whom you can ask anything, from providing explanations, answering questions, and assisting with tasks. 

5. Programming

There isn’t a domain that Chat GPT cannot cover, and this is the case with programming. As such, programmers can benefit from this assistance to debug code, explain coding concepts, and even write code. 

The possibilities could be endless, such as market research, creative writing, storytelling, virtual concierge, gaming, etc. 

Moreover, since we learned a bit more about Chat GPT, it’s time to move further into the most extensive part of our article and learn more about Chat GPT-3 vs 4. 

Chat GPT-3 vs 4 Quick Comparison


  • Chat GPT-3: 175 billion; 
  • Chat GPT-4: 100 trillion; 


  • Chat GPT-3: Large Language Model (only text); 
  • Chat GPT-4: Large multimodal model that accepts image and text inputs and emits text outputs (especially when OpenAI developed DALL-E) 


  • Chat GPT-3: Mediocre on complex tasks; 
  • Chat GPT-4: Human-like on some benchmarks; 


  • Chat GPT-3: Prone to errors and grammatical mistakes; 
  • Chat GPT-4: Reliable and factual; 

What is the Difference Between Chat GPT-3 vs 4?

Besides the technical capabilities, Chat GPT-4 presents more human-like behavior and patterns that promise a much more enhanced performance than GPT-3. 

Also, Chat GPT-4 shows great flexibility by being much more adaptive. Also, it has a maximum token capacity of equivalent to 25,000 words compared to GPT-3 3,125 words. 

Let’s dive deeper and discover in detail the main differentiators! 

1. Expressive Proficiency

1. Expressive Proficiency
Screenshot from OpenAI, March 2023 

Besides the fact that it can generate longer content, it also can better grasp the different language nuances, being prone to comprehend a human emotion based on the provided text. As such, the integration can feel genuine rather than mechanical, as seen in GPT-3. 

Additionally, it can comprehend different dialects, which, as we all know, requires a lot of work for an AI model to learn. 

2. Knowledge Synthesis

2. Knowledge Synthesis
Screenshot from OpenAI, March 2023 

A striking feature is the GPT-4’s ability to answer complex questions by gathering data from multiple sources and managing to connect the dots skillfully. 

Moreover, it can include a quotation within the answer and give you the proper citation, ensuring the accuracy of the information. Also, GPT-4 can now browse the internet, offering up-to-date solutions compared to the previous version, which was limited to September 2021. 

3. Problem-Solving Skills

3. Problem-Solving Skills
Screenshot from OpenAI, March 2023 

By now, we used Chat GPT to solve different problems, yet only sometimes the results were accurate or easy to understand. Yet, GPT-4 changed this for good, with its strong ability to solve complex calculus or different scientific inquiries beyond the capacity of its predecessor. 

Moreover, it can comprehend subjects from math, physics, chemistry, biology, and even astronomy. 

4. Coding

It’s no wonder Chat GPT can analyze, debug, and create code from scratch, as seen in some of the most well-known news, whereas employees from a big tech company used GPT to analyze code, which later resulted in code leaks. 

5. Graphic Understanding

5. Graphic Understanding
Screenshot from OpenAI, March 2023 

Unlike its predecessor, Chat GPT-4 can analyze, upload, and describe images. Regardless of how you input the image, by link or uploading it into the chat session, GPT-4 can explain and answer your inquiries. 

As such, GPT-4 has become a powerful and educational tool, opening new grounds for using and interacting with an AI-based tool. 

Is Chat GPT-4 Worth Your Money?

In the battle between Chat GPT-3 vs 4, we must admit that GPT-4 stands as the winner. If we move past the hype, we can see the many benefits that this tool offers, such as accuracy when proposing solutions, flexibility, understanding when it comes to complex concepts, and, of course, its image integration.  

Moreover, due to its technical capabilities, now, more than ever, businesses can rely on it. Whether it serves as a chatbot for your e-commerce business, is used for translations, or simply as an educational resource, Chat GPT-4 stands above. 

Is Chat GPT-4 Worth Your Money?

Moreover, OpenAi integrated new additional abilities that transformed GPT-4 altogether, and can now see, hear, and speak to create a more engaged experience. Also, it can open new doors to impaired users or those who need more accessibility.  

Even though it is still incipient, Chat GPT-4 shows us that by using the power of AI, anything is possible, even though it is leaving us to wonder where the tech domain is heading. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a business owner, a student, or simply wish to experiment with a powerful tool, testing the limits of Artificial Intelligence, Chat GPT-4 acquires more ground than GPT-3. 

Furthermore, it is easy to get lost in the tech battles, comparing AI and its limits, wanting more, yet we need to take a minute and acknowledge the performance this tool has brought upon us. From simply being a text-based tool, as seen in Chat GPT-3, to using the human-like senses that GPT-4 brought us, the trajectory is more complicated than it seems. 

Notice: The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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