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What Is the Best AI Voice Generator? Top 5 Options to Choose from

In this article, we will talk about what AI voice generators are, how they work, their main benefits, and what are some of the best platforms you can use for your business.   

November 29, 2023 at 12:54 pm in Technology

Technology progresses surprisingly, with plenty of tools and platforms being developed and launched daily. While some users stick to the good old tools they have used for some time, such projects have to constantly improve their features to keep up with the new concepts that steal the spotlight.   

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has become one of the most discussed topics, no matter what people’s interests and passions. With its valuable features and the power to change the way we conduct various processes, it is no wonder that artificial intelligence is so popular worldwide.   

AI has started contributing to so many industries that it’s easier to name those who have not yet interacted with this concept. So, users have to get used to it, like it or not. In regard to advertisements, videos, podcasts, and many more, AI proves to be a significant help, thanks to AI voice generators.  

So, in this article, we will talk about what AI voice generators are, how they work, their main benefits, and what are some of the best platforms you can use for your business.   

What Is an AI Voice Generator?

An AI voice generator is an online tool that uses text-to-speech technology to convert written texts into audio tracks.

Thanks to deep learning, it can reproduce the tone and pitch of natural human voices. AI voice generators allow turning their texts into expressive audio with the help of human-like voices that can be adjusted according to the type of text.    

Usually, such platforms help you customize the voice you use to express exactly what you aim for. You can emphasize various words, work on the pronunciation, and choose various accents and languages to reach exactly the users you want.   

Most AI voice generators also offer other products and add-ons that make your work even easier. You can usually create voices to match your goals or even clone your own voice or others’ if you want to create some podcasts, for instance.   

How Do AI Voice Generators Work?

To provide high-quality audio tracks, AI voice generators follow various steps that can shape the audio as you want it.   

First, you have to provide the text you want to convert into an audio track. Then, the AI voice generator will process the text, thus finding the words that it can emphasize or express differently. During this step, the tool also converts the text phonetically.   

Then, the AI voice generator uses linguistic rules to determine the intonation of the voice it will provide and how it should pronounce every word of the written text. Afterward, the platform uses various techniques to make natural-sounding AI voices, such as speed, pitch, and inflection.   

After shaping the voice according to your requirements and the text you provided, the AI voice generator will create the final product, an audio track that you can then use for your video, podcast, or advertisement.   

Main Use Cases for AI Voice Generators

Usually, AI voice generators can be used in many ways and industries. The magical thing is that, depending on your goal, you can customize AI voices for various purposes.   

Videos and Podcasts

If you focus on posting videos on various platforms, such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and others, you can use an AI voice generator to create voiceovers for your videos. Furthermore, such a platform can be helpful if you work with podcasts. You can create the audio for a podcast in minutes by simply pasting the script to an AI voice generator.   

Marketing and Advertising

Marketers can use AI-generated voices for various campaigns, including videos or audio-only content. Some platforms also allow you to create interactive audio tracks if you focus on marketing personalization.   

As we mentioned before, you can also create unique voices. While some users allow others to use their customized voices, you can keep those to yourself. This is truly essential if you want to build a strong identity. This way, whenever users watch or listen to an ad, they will remember the voice and immediately associate it with your business and products. 

IVR Systems

Customer service plays a vital role in a company’s success. If you want to maintain your customer base and grow it as much as possible, your customer service has to rock. This is why AI voice generators also allow you to create audio for IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agent). This way, your customers will receive answers immediately without having to wait too long, and we all know that this is what every customer wants.   


If you’re focused on providing educational content, an AI voice generator will help you develop audio content for your audience. We all know that users usually prefer listening to audio content or watching videos instead of reading some articles.   

Take learning a new language. It is significantly easier to listen to words’ pronunciation than to figure out how to pronounce them yourself. This is where AI voices can help you a lot, as they can assist you and offer real-time feedback. 


Gaming is also a well-developed field, and AI makes it even better. AI voices can contribute to an improved user experience for players, as they can respond to players’ activity dynamically, according to their inputs. This way, the game can become even more engaging. 

Benefits of AI Voice Generators

Ease of Use

Usually, AI voice generators are pretty intuitive and easy to use, no matter how much you know about them. You can easily find the products you’re looking for and the voices that might meet your needs. 


Considering that they are user-friendly, AI voice generators are also highly efficient. You don’t need special software or hardware to operate them, and they can deliver high-quality products in just a few minutes. Such platforms contribute to automating the creation of customizable audio content, which can also lead to improved user experience.   

High-Quality Products

AI voice generators are developed to offer customizable audio tracks. They can also emphasize various words or phrases and use specific accents and languages. This contributes to creating high-quality content that is surprisingly close to real-life human voices.  

Easily Customizable

One of the top advantages of AI voice generators is that you can customize a voice to match your goals. If you want it to be deep, you can do that. If you want to get a friendly tone, you can do this also. Everything is customizable, leading to unique voices and a high diversity.   

Top 5 AI Voice Generators for 2023

1. Lovo

Best AI Voice Generators - Lovo

Lovo is among the best AI voice creators, offering valuable text-to-speech software. The platform is great for users who want full control over their audio tracks. Lovo focuses on delivering an all-in-one solution for creators; thus, it also provides other tools that can help you manage your content from their dashboard.   

On Lovo, you can import various materials, such as texts, images, videos, or sounds, to create content for plenty of purposes, such as audiobooks, podcasts, social media posts, educational videos, and many more. You can also clone voices if you want to use a specific voice. The platform provides global, natural-sounding voices that can express specific emotions.

Main Features 

  • Text-to-speech in over 100 languages and multiple accents; 
  • Over 400 voices to choose from; 
  • Upload various content to create voiceovers; 
  • Adjust voice details (emphasize words, customize pauses, or adjust tone and pitch); 
  • Add-ons: you can add royalty free images, videos, and images to create engaging content; 
  • AI writer to help you with your texts. 

Lovo Products 

  • Text-to-speech; 
  • Online video editor; 
  • AI writer; 
  • Voice cloning; 
  • AI voices; 
  • AI art generator. 



  • $0; 
  • 2-week free trial; 
  • Downloads are not allowed. 


  • $25 / $19 (yearly subscription); 
  • 2 hours of voice generation/month; 
  • Clone up to 5 voices; 
  • Unlimited downloads; 
  • Commercial rights. 


  • $48 / $24 (yearly subscription); 
  • 5 hours of voice generation/month; 
  • Unlimited voice cloning; 
  • AI writer; 
  • AI art generator; 
  • Priority support. 


  • $149 / $75 (yearly subscription); 
  • Everything in Pro; 
  • 20 hours of voice generation/month; 
  • 400GB storage. 


  • Contact the Lovo team for pricing; 
  • Everything in Pro+; 
  • Custom voice generation; 
  • Dedicated account manager; 
  • Higher security. 

2. ElevenLabs

2. ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs is an option worth considering when you want to get quick results with little requirements. The platform offers 2 main products: Speech Synthesis and VoiceLab. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a free AI voice generator to try out, ElevenLabs offers numerous features in its free plan.

Speech Synthesis allows users to transform any text into speech while choosing from 29 languages and various accents. The tool can also express multiple emotions according to your requirements. Furthermore, you can customize your voices with Voice Design and Voice Library.

Main Features 

  • Instant Voice Cloning; 
  • Text-to-speech in 29 languages; 
  • Unlimited voice variations.  



  • $0; 
  • Speech Synthesis – No commercial license; 
  • 10,000 characters/month; 
  • Up to 3 custom voices; 
  • Voice Design; 
  • Voice Library. 


  • $5 / month; 
  • Everything in Free; 
  • 30,000 characters/month; 
  • Up to 10 custom voices; 
  • Commercial License included; 
  • Instant Voice Cloning.  


  • $22 / month; 
  • Everything in Starter; 
  • 100,000 characters/month; 
  • Up to 30 custom voices; 
  • Access to Projects (long-form speech synthesis editor); 
  • Professional Voice Cloning. 

Independent Publisher 

  • $99 / month; 
  • Everything in Creator; 
  • 500,000 characters/month; 
  • Up to 160 custom voices; 
  • Usage analytics dashboard. 

Growing Business 

  • $330 / month; 
  • Everything in Independent Publisher; 
  • 2,000,000 characters/month; 
  • Up to 660 custom voices. 


  • Contact the team for pricing; 
  • Custom quotas for Speech Synthesis and VoiceLab; 
  • Professional Voice Cloning for any voice; 
  • High-quality speech. 

3. PlayHT

3. PlayHT

PlayHT is one of the most trusted AI voice generators on the market. Big companies such as Moderna, Salesforce, and Hyundai rely on it, and the list goes on. On PlayHT, users can create ultra-realistic text-to-speech, choosing from over 900 human-like AI voices.   

PlayHT offers AI voice generation in 142 languages and accents and can create conversational, narrative, explainer, children, local accents, emotions, character, and training voices.

Main Features 

  • Multilingual speech synthesis; 
  • Online text-to-voice studio; 
  • Multi-voice feature; 
  • Custom pronunciations; 
  • Voice inflections; 
  • Preview Mode.  

PlayHT Products 

  • Ultra-realistic AI voices; 
  • Premium AI voices; 
  • Voice cloning; 
  • Text to voice editor; 
  • Audio widgets; 
  • AI podcasts; 
  • Team access; 
  • Female/Male AI voice generator. 


Free Plan 

  • 12,500 characters/month; 
  • 1 instant voice clone; 
  • Access to all voices and languages; 
  • No high-fidelity clones; 
  • Commercial use; 
  • Attribution to PlayHT required. 


  • $39 (monthly) / $31.2 (yearly); 
  • 250,000 characters/month; 
  • 10 instant voice clones; 
  • Commercial use; 
  • Faster generations. 


  • $99 (monthly) / $79.2 (yearly); 
  • Unlimited characters/month; 
  • Unlimited re-generations; 
  • Unlimited instant voice clones; 
  • 1 high-fidelity clone. 


  • Contact the team for pricing; 
  • Custom usage requirement; 
  • Team access; 
  • Advanced security; 
  • Priority support; 
  • Commercial and re-sell rights. 

4. Murf.AI

4. Murf.AI

Launched in October 2020, is a newer AI voice generator, but its features are truly impressive. The tool also allows users to edit videos and add balanced voices to their content, with various accents and other customizable details. supports over 120 voices and 20 languages and accents for text-to-speech, including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Romanian, Turkish, and Scottish.

Main Features 

  • Over 20 languages and accents and 120 AI voices; 
  • Voice cloning; 
  • Adjust speed, inflection, pitch, and emphasis; 
  • Customize pronunciation using International Phonetic Alphabet notation. 

Murf.AI Products 

  • Text-to-speech; 
  • Murf API; 
  • Canva add-on; 
  • Voice over video; 
  • Google Slides add-on. 



  • Try all 120+ voices; 
  • 10 minutes of voice generation; 
  • 10 minutes of transcription; 
  • Up to 3 users; 
  • No downloads required. 


  • $29/user (monthly) / $19/user (yearly); 
  • Unlimited downloads; 
  • Access to 60 basic voices; 
  • Access to 10 languages; 
  • 24 hours of voice generation per user/year; 
  • Collaborative workspace; 
  • Commercial rights; 
  • Over 8,000 licensed soundtracks; 
  • Chat and email support. 


  • $39/user (monthly) / $26/user (yearly); 
  • Access to over 120 voices; 
  • 48 hours of voice generation per user/year; 
  • 24 hours of transcription per user/year; 
  • AI voice changer; 
  • High priority support. 


  • $75 per user/month; 
  • Everything in Pro; 
  • Over 5 users; 
  • Unlimited voice generation, transcription, and storage; 
  • Advanced collaboration; 
  • Dedicated account manager; 
  • Higher security; 
  • AI translation (Paid add-on). 

5. Speechify

5. Speechify

Speechify has a surprising feature – it allows you to complete reading-aloud tasks for ebooks, PDFs, articles, and many more. You can also listen to texts written directly on the platform.

The story behind the project is truly warming. Cliff Weitzman, the owner, has dyslexia and could not read as a child.

Thus, he founded Speechify to help others complete their tasks easily, no matter their difficulties. He was part of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2017.

Speechify Products 

  • Text-to-speech; 
  • AI voice studio; 
  • AI avatars and video; 
  • Audio books.  


Speechify Limited (Text-to-Speech) 

  • 10 standard reading voices; 
  • Text-to-speech features only; 

Speechify Premium (Text-to-Speech) 

  • $139/year; 
  • Over 30 high-quality reading voices; 
  • Over 20 languages; 
  • Scan and listen to printed text; 
  • Advanced skipping and importing. 

Free (Studio) 

  • AI voice over and voice dubbing; 
  • Video, slide, and image support; 
  • Access to over 200 voices; 
  • Up to 10 minutes of voice generation; 
  • No downloads. 

Basic (Studio) 

  • $99 (monthly) / $288 yearly; 
  • Up to 50 hours of voice generation per user/year; 
  • Access to over 20 languages and accents; 
  • Up to 12 hours of translation per user/year; 
  • Over 8,000 licensed soundtracks. 

Professional (Studio) 

  • $129 (monthly) / $385 (yearly); 
  • Up to 100 hours of voice generation per user/year; 
  • Voice cloning; 
  • Up to 36 hours of translation per user/year; 
  • Up to 1 hour of AI Avatar Video/year. 

Enterprise (Studio) 

  • Contact the team for pricing; 
  • Over 1,000 hours of voice generation per user/year; 
  • Over 500 hours of translation per user/year; 
  • Over 20 hours of AI Avatar Video/year; 
  • Multiple seats; 
  • Share, editing, commenting, and enterprise collaboration features. 


What are the best AI voice tools?

There are numerous platforms that offer AI-generated voices, some of them even allowing you to clone your own voice. When researching the AI voice tools available, it is essential to consider your needs and expectations, as this will help you choose the best platform for your work.

However, some of the most popular AI voice generators include PlayHT, Lovo, Murf.AI, and ElevenLabs.

How much do AI voice generators cost?

In most cases, you should be able to use an AI voice generator with a subscription of a few tens of dollars. Of course, there may be cases when the prices are a little higher. Still, it is essential to note that many such platforms also offer free AI voice generators.

Can AI voice generators produce natural-sounding speech?

Yes, AI voice technology can produce a natural-sounding voice. Sometimes, you may be surprised by the realistic voices an AI tool can generate. You can even choose from multiple voice styles, and with a versatile AI voice generator, you should be able to create synthetic voices that are extremely close to a human voice.

What is AI voice cloning?

AI voice cloning works in real-time or with audio files to offer a computer-generated voice that is extremely similar to, if not identical, a real-life voice.

To Wrap up

AI voice generators steal the spotlight in what concerns voiceovers and text-to-speech. They provide valuable features and allow users to shape the AI voices so that they can express exactly what their texts aim for.   

If you, too, need a platform to convert text into speech, there are lots of them online, and each one comes with new features that might help you. Some of the best AI voice generators include Lovo,, ElevenLabs,, and Speechify.

Notice: The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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