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Best Wireless Car Charger for Daily Use

Are you searching for the best wireless car charger for your phone? In this article, you’ll find some of our favorites.

November 16, 2023 at 8:32 am in Technology

Nothing is more annoying than when you are highly dependent on your smartphone to locate a particular location, only to receive a low battery notification. Specifically, if you are a driver who commutes long distances, the warning can induce goosebumps. What do you do? Will you stop and start asking for directions? I guess that may sound that may not work, especially in new jurisdictions. It may even be not very pleasant!

But what makes your phone go off. Battery depleting apps and failure to charge in advance are some of the common reasons. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry if you have a wireless car charger to save you from overreliance on battery-depleting apps. You simply ignite the car and begin the charging session as you hit the highway.

Best Wireless Car Charger – Introduction

Nowadays, new cars come with built-in wireless charging pads. However, if your car isn’t new, you have the option of upgrading, but that can be expensive. The best option is to use a wireless car charger.

Of course, the market has several wireless car chargers, which can leave you confused. But, we’ve simplified your task by preparing a list of the best wireless car chargers for daily use. Take time to read the reviews we’ve done and see the merits of these products. After the reading session, you will choose the product that suits your lifestyle and routine, and you will never be worried about low battery alarms.

1. iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Magnetic Charger

If you are looking for a wireless car charger for iPhone, then this is what you need. Specifically, the charger is compatible with the Apple iPhone X. It is also compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

The smartphone-compatible car charger is designed with an innovative mounting that fits any CD slot while also locking securely. Also, it has a twist and locks mounting feature that safely installs onto the vehicle air vents.

With this wireless charger, you will get a guide to help you locate where you will mount the gadget with its metal plate kit. As the name suggests, it has a pair of magnets that hold your smartphone securely. It usually comes with a charging stand.

If you own Qi-certified enabled devices, then you will benefit from fast charge speeds, but all other devices will receive standard charging speeds. The QI standards insulate your device from overloading, overheating, and heat transfers to surrounding objects.

The device comes with a built-in micro USB cable and an additional USB port that allows you to charge an extra device. For efficient charging, you should opt to use the vertical mounting position.

2. VANMASS Wireless Charger Car Mount

This is the best wireless charger for the 11, 12, and 13 models of the iPhone, the Galaxy, LG, and 5W fast charging for other QI phones. The maximum wattage for this device is 15 W. It comes as a package consisting of a QC3.0 Car Charger Adapter with two USB ports, a power cable, air vent, JP capacitor, and a 36-month warranty for any purchase. Also, it has an exquisite LED indicator display.

When combined with a fast car charger, you can increase the charging speed and save up to 30 minutes. The QI charger comes with temperature control, overcurrent, overcharge, and short circuit controls to protect your phone and other nearby accessories. Even when the flame goes off, the car wireless charger has a built-in battery that allows for 100 times opening and closing without unlocking the phone manually.

The car phone wireless charger comes with an intelligent sensor that allows for auto clamping and quick release. The twist vent clips come in handy to ensure that the phone remains tightly gripped to avoid shaking when driving on bumpy terrain. In addition, the device has a cradle that protects the phone from falling or experiencing any scratches.

3. CHGeek Wireless Car Charger Mount

The CHGeek wireless car charger mount comes with a cell phone holder and a  QI wireless charger that intelligently charges your phone. Included in the package is a USB C cable. When connected to the phone car mount, the phone is automatically clamped. In addition, the device smartly detects when the battery is 100% charged and automatically powers off to protect it from destruction.

The charger is compatible with iPhones and Samsung smartphones. It uses USB connectivity technology with two ports. For the 7.5W, 10W, and 15W fast charging, a QC 3.0 car charger adapter is a prerequisite.

When charging, the car charger mount doesn’t allow for any metallic substances between it and the phone. For the protection of your smartphone, the charger will immediately cease charging, and a red LED ALARM will flash to alert you.

For your wireless charging, the car phone holder charger is very case-friendly, allowing for up to 6mm thick material. You can place the device on the car dashboard, air vent, or even on the windshield because it can rotate at 360-degrees, allowing you to take GPS coordinates from any angle or take calls when driving.

4. ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger

The model is an upgraded version of the 2021 version. It’s designed with a sensor to allow for automatic opening and clamping. Ideal for driving because you simply operate the car charger with one hand as you steer your car on the freeway. With a flicking touch on the quick-release button, the clamps unfasten for you to remove the smartphone.

Why is the gadget the best car charger for daily use? Simple, it facilitates Qi Wireless charging and has a cooling fan to minimize overheating during charging. What’s more, its suction cup allows for installation on the air vent, dashboard, windshield, and even on the table. Importantly, it allows for adjustable viewing, which is ideal when driving.

The wireless charger can facilitate fast charging of 5W, 7.5W, and 15W, but need a QC 3.0 car charger adapter as the power source. Faster wattage charging depends on the type of phone. Also, it has a capacitor that allows you to unclamp your phone even when the vehicle is off.

The ZeeHoo Wireless car charger comes with a suction cup that sticks to the surface. It also allows for 360-degree rotation for clear viewing when on the road. Additionally, it comes with a user manual, a type cable, and a 12-hour customer service package for purchasing the device.                             

5. ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Undoubtedly, this is the best wireless car charger for iPhone. Why? Because the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 13 models are designed with MagSafe technology. To connect wirelessly with these phones, a MagSafe compatible charger, which is a special feature of this device, is a prerequisite. Most of the latest iPhones come with built-in magnets to attract compatible accessories onto the back as opposed to using a sucker.

Through intelligent heating, the system adapts to the prevailing conditions to charge your iPhone at up to 18 W for faster charging. However, the power delivered tends to vary with the specifications of the iPhone and the wattage of the adapter. For this product, the adapter is not in the package and has to be acquired independently.

The wireless car charger has a magnetic lock that firmly locks your smartphone even when driving on rugged terrain. You can also prop up your smartphone in either landscape or portrait orientation. Also, you can attach the ESR Halolock to the car vent with ease. Its ball mount design allows you to wiggle your iPhone for convenient views, too. The product comes with an air vent clamp, a USB-A to USB-C cable, and a user guide.

6. ZOOAUX Fast Wireless Car Charger Vent Mount

This car phone wireless charger has an auto sensor that allows for automatic closure of arms once the phone is placed in a charging position. Through auto-retraction, the phone is securely gripped. The removal of the phone from the grip is also done by a simple one-touch button. Actually, you can operate it with one hand as you drive.

For faster wireless charging, you connect the charger to a QC 3.0 car charger adapter, which is not part of the package. 

Faster wireless charging of up to 10W is available. The charger doesn’t use a USB cable. Instead, it connects wirelessly.

The 360-degree rotation of this device allows you to change the view from vertical to horizontal, enabling you to get the most convenient views while driving. Though it’s not suitable for arc-shaped vents, it comports with horizontal vents.

The charger is widely compatible with several phones of varying width length, with the 3.0- 4.5 inches devices getting firmer grips. Also, it is compatible with QI-enabled phones, specific Samsung phones, and specific iPhones. It comes in a grey color with a silicone rubber material for the grips to offer a perfect but secure grip.

7. Nalwort Wireless Car Charger

The charger comes with an auto-clamping functionality that smartly closes when the phone is inserted into the car charger. Also, the aluminum alloy guarantees the longevity of the product.

Additionally, it is designed with a 2-in-1 orientation that encompasses the phone mount and the wireless charger. It can be mounted on the air vent or dashboard with ease. A suction cup is available to facilitate the dashboard mount for flat surfaces and an additional support feature for the air vent mount.

Furthermore, the product has a smart chip that works well to facilitate intelligent picking of the phone for charging purposes. Also, its arms can rotate at 360 degrees to allow for convenient viewing when driving.

The charger comes with an LED indicator that enables you to ascertain the charging status of your phone. Specifically, when the lights show a green signal, then the phone is charging. Conversely, a red indication indicates the presence of a metal substance nearby that can be dangerous to the charging process.

It is also noteworthy that the charger is surrounded by a 2 coil copper case, but that doesn’t inhibit the charging process. Actually, it can manage to charge within 5mm thickness as long as it is free from metal casings within the vicinity.

8. MANKIW Wireless Car Charger

This is an intelligent car charger that automatically senses your phone, opens its clamps, and grips your phone firmly. If you want to remove your phone from the clamps, the smart dashboard clamp, you simply press the quick-release button, and the clips will open automatically. If that doesn’t work, you turn on the sensor by clicking the green button located at the bottom of the wireless charger.

The product comes with a charger and phone holder in a single unit. The phone holder is suitable for car air vent windshield dashboard installation to allow for easy geo-location and call receiving. Also, its stable sucker firmly grips the dashboard, providing an adjustable view for convenient ease of use when driving.

The car phone wireless charger can hold 60-80mm wide smartphones tightly for effective charging while driving. Actually, it is Suitable for smartphones within the 4-6.5 inches range. When charging, you don’t have to remove the phone case.

The wireless car charger serves all QI-enabled phones. Apart from charging at 10W, the car phone holder charger can perform 7.5 quick charging with the aid of a QC 3.0 car charger adapter.

9. MOKPR Wireless Car Charger

The Intelligent Auto-Clamping car phone holder charger comes with three black arms that automatically open for easy connecting to the adapter. The arms also automatically close, identify your device and then adjust the phone in the right charging position for optimal charging.

Moreover, the sliding cover design coupled with the Silicone arms of the wireless car charger slides with the phone to prevent scratches that may damage your gadget. Additionally, the coil casing is friendly enough to allow for more efficient charging. Actually, it can allow for charging for cases that are 4mm thick. As always, avoid any metallic objects when charging your phone using the product.

The product is compatible with LG and Samsung Galaxy. For the LG, the charger can provide 15W Wireless Fast Charging while it can provide 10W for Samsung Galaxy Note 20. However, QC 3.0/QC 2.0 car chargers are required for fast charging, which doesn’t come with the package.

Because the package comes with a car phone mount, you don’t have to struggle with cables when on the road. Moreover, its rotating ball joint works in handy to ensure that you get the most convenient views when driving without struggling.

10. WAITIEE Magnetic Wireless Car Charger

Do you have iPhone 12 series? Then you don’t have to worry about low-battery notifications when driving. With the WAITIEE magnetic wireless car charger, you only need to relax while driving as your phone charges on the air vent or dashboard. The product’s USB connectivity comes with a single port and is also compatible with the Samsung Matrix.

Furthermore, the charger has a strong magnet to give it the efficacy required for wireless charging of the latest Apple iPhones. The magnet attracts the magnetic phones and holds them securely during the charging process to avoid disconnections.

For fast charging, the wireless car charger can serve the iPhone 12 series and smartphones with magnetic casing using the 7.5 W mode. However, you have to use the QC 3.0 adapter. If you want to get a wider scope of view, you can simply rotate your phone to 306 degrees using a simple single-hand operation as you drive.

Like most wireless car chargers, the WAITIEE Magnetic Wireless Car Charger does not work well when any metal surface is in contact with it. Also, a metal casing should be avoided at all costs. The product is black with an input voltage of 9 Volts and a wattage capacity of 7.5 W. Now you can use the Apple Books app without worries.


We’ve researched, tested, and written an informative article on the best wireless car charger for daily use. You now have 10 to choose from. The decision you make depends on your peculiar needs. Maybe you only need a quick solution to help you navigate locations as you drive. Or, you want a charger that allows you to charge more than one phone as you drive. Regardless of your reasons, consider a product that will serve you well. But how?

First, identify the type of smartphone you are using because car mounts vary in their ability to hold phones. Second, if you are always traveling, then consider the quick charging capacity of the charger. Third, identify the mount type that suits your car. Not all of them can be placed on the dashboard. Fourth, check for flexibility. If you want landscape configurations for a phone, then get a car mount that swivels with ease. Finally, identify the connection type that suits your phone configuration. If it is a USB, is it Type B or Type C?

Featured image: by Val Britaus on Unsplash

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