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ACX is a web platform that is owned by Audible, which is an Amazon subsidiary. Interested users should read the best ACX reviews to learn more about this platform.

May 10, 2022 at 10:24 am in Audio Books

ACX (Audiobook creation exchange) hit the market for the first time in 2011 even though the parent company, Audible, has been in existence since 1995. It is a marketplace whereby authors, publishers, and agents have been granted the chance to post audiobooks rights for either frontlist titles or backlist titles, which currently have never been published as audiobooks. 

Interested users should read the best ACX reviews to learn more about this platform. Then, read on to discover more about what experts have to say.

ACX Reviews – Introduction

acx reviews

ACX is a web platform that is owned by Audible, which is an Amazon subsidiary. The platform is available for creative narrators who are yet to acquire the needed experience and assists them through participating in audiobook projects. However, since its establishment, there have been those who have been fixated with the platform, wondering whether it is legitimate or not. 

Those who have already used the platform can admit that ACX audiobooks are a reliable option, especially if you are not experienced and are willing to gain the needed experience. Furthermore, as outlined in ACX reviews, ACX is among the best and most unique platforms for audiobook creators. Reviews: What Is ACX?

ACX can be viewed as a mediator between narrators and publishers. Narrators seeking projects can be matched to their producers and include engineers, audiobook publishers, and narrators. Holders and producers who hold rights to the content produced negotiate on a standard fee that depends on the cost of books per hour finished. 

If they do not wish to engage in the negotiation process, they can, in turn, choose to let go of the upfront payment and, in turn, agree to share all the royalties that will arise from the sale earned from the finished books. Once the audiobook has been recorded and engineered, the complete copy will be distributed to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. 

ACX Audiobooks

The ACX platform provides users with access to thousands of audiobooks and audiobook producers. Actors and studios, in this case, can be hired at no cost, and once the deal has been accomplished, those involved can come up with an amicable way to share the profits that they will be gathering from the audiobook sale. 

Importantly, ACX allows for the production of audiobooks at market prices. Furthermore, the best ACX reviews allow users to make a successful audiobook with ACX. 

How Can You Use ACX?

There are several steps to follow in using ACX. As examined earlier in this ACX review, it should be understood that those making use of this platform are yet to be experienced narrators, and they may be seeking assistance on how to make use of ACX. 

Users should understand that ACX currently accepts residents from both the US and the UK who have addresses in either country and a tax identification pin, which they will use to fill and submit the Form W8-BEN. To better understand Taxpayer Identification Numbers (TIN), you can visit the IRS website. These are the required steps to use ACX, as explained in ACX com reviews. 

Step 1: Rights Confirmation

The first step into using ACX is to confirm that you have audio rights for a book by looking at and confirming the contracts that currently exist on the book. Once you have acquired the rights to the book, you can then move to the next step since ACX will have you considered and will refer to you as a rights holder. 

Step 2: Profile Creation and ACX Login

This step starts by creating an account, which you can access using ACX login details. Next, it involves creating a title for your book, and this is done by having a description of the book and the type of narration that is best suited for it. Finally, the best way to complete this step is to make sure that you get to post 1-2 pages that will be an audition script for narrators. 

Step 3: Find Narrators

The third step is to ensure that you find the needed producers through an audition. Through this step, you get the chance to post your book so that you can find producers that can audition. On the other hand, you can decide to listen to a list of simple narrations and, in the end, select a handful of producers and invite them to your book’s audition. 

Step 4: Reviewing Auditions and Make a Deal

From the narrators that have auditioned for your book, the next best step is to review each one of them before you can move forward to making a deal. After that, you can make the deal to a producer to produce your audiobook by sending them an offer page. Once the producer accepts your offer, you will consider yourself having a deal on ACX. 

Step 5: Check-in and Approve the Final Product

Once the deal has been set in motion, your producer will record a 15-minute checkpoint of the audiobook, which you will approve and provide the needed feedback. If the already uploaded checkpoint is approved, the producer will have the go-ahead to complete the project. After the final product has been delivered to you, you can finalize the payment agreement with your producer unless you had a Royalty deal. 

Step 6: Distribute, Promote and Earn Royalties

ACX will then take your audiobook under its wings and distribute it through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes under exclusive and non-exclusive contracts. Non-exclusive rights will allow you to distribute your content through other channels. In addition, you will utilize the available marketing tools to promote your audiobook, after which you will earn your royalties based on the sales.

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ACX Reviews – Conclusion

Audio production can be a challenging venture when you first agree to it. However, ACX allows you to take the path less traveled to ensure that this becomes a success for you as the creator. ACX currently has a considerable audience through Audible, Amazon, and iTunes, making it the best option for you to market your audiobook. 

Audiobooks have never been an option for self-published authors until recently, and this means that many opportunities can be exploited in that industry. ACX reviews like this expose both the good and the wrong sides of the platform so you can make an informed decision. 

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