10 Reviews

10 Reviews

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BookBeat Review

There are a number of pros and cons of having a BookBeat account. But the pros outweigh its cons which...


Scribd Review

Scribd is a major name in the audiobook industry, rivaling giants like Audible. It also has a...


Apple Books Review

If you’re a book lover, you’ll certainly love Apple Books. It’s one of the best platforms if you want access...


Libro.fm Review

Libro.fm is a site that caters only to audiobooks which is unusual as most of its competitors offer e-books and...


Downpour Review

Downpour is a service offered by Blackstone audio, a major distributor in the audiobook industry. As its...


Kobo Review

Even if you’re an avid audiobook listener, you might not be too familiar with Kobo. Compared to...


Blinkist Review

If you like reading books but can’t find the time, Blinkist is your best friend. Although it’s not a site...


Audible Review

Audible is one of the leading names in the audiobook industry. Owned by Amazon, it has taken...

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