10 Reviews

10 Reviews

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BookBeat Review

There are a number of pros and cons of having a BookBeat account. But the pros outweigh its cons which...


Scribd Review

Scribd is a major name in the audiobook industry, rivaling giants like Audible. It also has a...


Apple Books Review

Apple Books not for you? Try Blinkist instead! [lasso rel="visit-blinkist" id="1543" link_id="1621" link_id="1670" link_id="1689" link_id="1708" link_id="1730" link_id="1749" link_id="1768" link_id="1787" link_id="1806"...


Libro.fm Review

Libro.fm is a site that caters only to audiobooks which is unusual as most of its competitors offer e-books and...


Downpour Review

Downpour is a service offered Blackstone audio, a major distributor in the audiobook industry. As its brainchild,...


Playster Review

In terms of the audiobook industry, Playster is a well-known but controversial name. This is due...


Kobo Review

Even if you’re an avid audiobook listener, you might not be too familiar with Kobo. Compared to...


Blinkist Review

[lasso rel="visit-blinkist" id="1543" link_id="1620" link_id="1669" link_id="1688" link_id="1707" link_id="1729" link_id="1748" link_id="1767" link_id="1786" link_id="1805" link_id="1824" link_id="1843" link_id="1892" link_id="1911" link_id="1930" link_id="1949" link_id="1970" link_id="1989"...


Audible Review

Audible is one of the leading names in the audiobook industry. Owned by Amazon, it has taken...

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