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DuckDuckGo Review – Web Browser Extension

In this DuckDuckGo review we will present an analysis of the most important parts of a web browser extension. DuckDuckGo Review – Introduction If we need to look for some information on the worldwide web, the first and perhaps the last name that comes to our mind is Google. There is no doubt that Google […]

October 7, 2021 at 10:33 am in News

In this DuckDuckGo review we will present an analysis of the most important parts of a web browser extension.

DuckDuckGo Review – Introduction

If we need to look for some information on the worldwide web, the first and perhaps the last name that comes to our mind is Google. There is no doubt that Google has totally dominated the entire search engine world and there is hardly any competition to the monolith on the internet. However, there are reasons to believe that some strong competition might be on the way.

Over the years, DuckDuckGo is catching the attention of thousands of web users and many have already started using this web browser extension quite a bit. They are seemingly very happy with what DuckDuckGo has to offer to them. While today they may just be small toddlers trying to take on a big giant like Google, many are of the firm belief that over the next few years and decades, they may give the big dad of the internet a big run for their money. Is this true, or is there more hype surrounding it than anything else?

Let us try and find answers for the same over the years in this DuckDuckGo Review. It will help the readers to identify some very good reasons for not only trying DuckDuckGo but also stick to it.

You Won’t Be Tracked

When you use search engines, quite often you share some of the most intimate secrets. However, not all of us think before we share those secrets. It could relate to our finances, medical issues, and also personal matters. We perhaps believe that all the information that we share on Google is private and confidential. We also believe that it is untraceable. However, the hard part is not so, but you will see in this DuckDuckGo Review that not all extensions are like this.

However, the hard fact is not so. Google tracks your searches and it also mines and packages them up. This is done with the objective of creating a data profile. These are shared with advertisers so that they are able to follow you around across the entire length and breadth of the internet. You will for sure come across those intrusive and annoying banner ads. These are highly focused ads and are based on the searches that you and I make.

However, this is not the case with DuckDuckGo because they do not believe that tracking people is required for making money on web searches. If you are looking for an alternative product not to be tracked online then you may want to try a VPN and read some of our VPN Reviews.

It Helps Block Google Trackers

We also need to understand that Google tracks you not only on its search engine but also on various other social media sites too. Whatever information you send and receive through Chrome, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook, GMaps, Android and a few others are also tracked extensively by Google. To overcome this problem, many users believe that DuckDuckGo could be a much better search engine option. It not only allows you to go Google free but also saves you from the irritating and annoying tracking systems that Google is now so notorious for.

Google trackers are most certainly working behind the scenes on almost 75% of the top few million websites across the world. Facebook comes a distant second with 25%. Hence, it is quite obvious that these two monoliths are dominating the revenues on searches and it is being done at the cost of your and my personal information and data. DuckDuckGo has expanded its roots in search and this protects the end users wherever he or she goes on the internet.

The mobile app and the browser extensions of this search engine are quite different from Google. It blocks these Google trackers and Facebook also is blocked. The same is the case with many other data mediators or brokers as they are referred to. But these are not the only things you find in this DuckDuckGo Review.

Get Results That Are Unbiased

Whenever you search for information on Google, you certainly want to get accurate and unbiased results. However, you may not be aware that you are not actually getting results that are unbiased.

The results are tailored based on what Google thinks about you rather than you being allowed a free opinion. Unbiased search and almost not exist in Google but DuckDuckGo may score on this point also. This is because the search location gets automatically embedded by the device whenever you make a search through DuckDuckGo. It also throws away the searcher and there is no tracking at all in the entire process.

DuckDuckGo believes that personalized results are dangerous and there are reasons for this. It may show you results they believe you may click on and they may also filter the results they think that they may not use. This is the problem with Filter Bubble.

They Are Ready To Listen

Google is a huge organization and for small and insignificant users it may be impossible to get hold of them in case you need some clarifications or answers. There have been instances where recovering accounts could become a major problem and you will hardly have anyone in Google willing to listen to you and address your concerns and problems.

This is not the case with DuckDuckGo. So far, they have been very proactive and receptive when it comes to addressing the issues and concerns of their users. Each and every feedback is received with care and it is replied to after being read. Their track record across various social media sites when it comes to addressing concerns has so far been exemplary. They have a DM option and each and every message or even email is replied to with great care and clarity.  Let’s see what else we can find in this DuckDuckGo Review. 

They Don’t Trap You In Their Ecosystem

Gone are the days when you could aspire to move to the top of the search results based on well-defined parameters and search engine logics that are transparent and open. This is no longer the case these days as even when you opt for click off there are many ways by which you still get trapped in Google.

These tactics are even tougher in mobile phone searches. This is because there is a Google search widget that is immovable and you have no way to change the search engine to something different even if you don’t want it. Here at DuckDuckGo, they believe in a philosophy that does not allow them to take over the world. They do not have a specific ecosystem where you could get trapped. Their goals are clearly defined and they have been living by it till now.

They want to just help you go get the information that you want and move on as fast as possible. They take all steps to prevent you as a user from getting trapped in a web of ecosystems from which moving out could be almost impossible.

DuckDuckGo Review -Conclusion

When we take the above factors into account, there are enough reasons to believe that the days of unchallenged monopoly for Google may not be there for long. DuckDuckGo brings about some refreshing change keeping the customer in mind and focusing less on ways to make money from millions of customers who provide them with a huge database. We hope this DuckDuckGo Review will help you make the right choice.

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