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Total AV Antivirus Review – Pros and Cons

Total AV is a relatively new addition to the growing number of antivirus software out there. Though it’s not as well-known as Norton or McAfee, Total AV is going up in the ranks of popularity. Let’s see forward in this Total AV antivirus review what the pros and cons are. The software comes in paid […]

October 14, 2021 at 9:41 am in Anti Virus
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Total AV is a relatively new addition to the growing number of antivirus software out there. Though it’s not as well-known as Norton or McAfee, Total AV is going up in the ranks of popularity. Let’s see forward in this Total AV antivirus review what the pros and cons are.

The software comes in paid version much like the others. It’s not free, as some articles state. Total AV does have a 30-day free trial for those who want to just check it out.

Most computer users are wary of trying out new antivirus programs without knowing all the details. If you are interested in Total AV, here’s a review with everything you need to consider before buying:

Total AV Antivirus Review | At a Glance

Total AV promises protection against all common types of malware, such as trojans, worms, and phishing attacks. Here are some of the highlights of the services offered by the package:

  • Real-time protection
  • Simple user interface
  • Includes disk cleaner, system boost, and web security tool
  • Password vault
  • Remote firewall

At its heart, Total AV offers all the basic malware protection services. There’s nothing fancy here. But there may be distinct benefits, so read this Total AV antivirus review completely.

The Pros

Some of the best features of Total AV are as follows:

Real-Time Protection

Most virus scanners work when you actually scan the computer for malware. They notify you only if a virus has already infected your computer. Real-time protection, on the other hand, scans your computer automatically as you work. So if it detects a malware issue, the antivirus guard can immediately quarantine or otherwise prevent the problematic files from accessing your system. This is what Total AV offers.

Total AV has a seamless real-time scanning feature that won’t hog your RAM (hear that Norton?) You would barely feel the program run in the background. This is a neat and very useful feature to have since most threats these days originate online. Total AV, for the most part, can prevent malware from the web from getting into your computer.

Top-Notch User Interface

Total AV is one of those rare antivirus programs that you can easily calibrate without having a degree in computer science. The user interface is very simple and straightforward. You can get access to all the features in one window without a hassle. But these pros are not the only ones, read below the whole Total AV antivirus review to find the others characteristics.

Disk Cleaner and System Boost Features

Total AV offers two notable performance-enhancing tools with the package. Of course, these are nothing particularly innovative. But a tool that detects file system errors that slow down your computer is nevertheless useful to have. If you run Windows, you would already have these functions with the built-in disk defragmenter. But you can still use the tools to make sure your operating system runs smoothly without an issue.

Password Vault

You will get your own password manager with Total AV Ultimate Antivirus and Antivirus Pro plans. Unfortunately, this isn’t available with the Essential package. If you upgrade, you can safeguard your passwords with a more secure master key. You can separately get password managers, but it’s a great tool to have when bundled with a malware protection program.

The Cons

There is no perfect antivirus program. Each has its downsides. In this Total AV antivirus review you can find them below:

Moderate Virus Guard

Total AV doesn’t exactly offer broad-spectrum antivirus protection. It ranks well in independent antivirus tests, but not remarkably high. The strong point of this software is the real-time protection. With the usual scans, Total AV performance is moderate at best. Independent tests have shown that Total AV allows certain known malware files through.

That is not to say that the software is not at all useful. Real-time protection, as mentioned above, is quite strong. But adjust your expectations as to the level of malware protection you can get.

Browser Extension Is Separate

It’s important to note that the Total AV browser extension, which provides protection against phishing attacks for starters, is available separately. You need to download the extension from the company’s website. It’s not actually included in any of the paid packages, which is a major disappointment.

The browser extension is free, however. But it’s only available for Chrome and Edge. You can get this extension even if you don’t buy a Total AV package. However, when the paid versions promote “phishing protection,” buyers would expect a browser add-on to come with the software bundle. Find in this Total AV antivirus review more information about the price:

The Pricing

When Total AV initially started getting mentions, some users believed the antivirus program was available for free, like Avast. It’s not. Total AV offers pricing packages based on various versions of the same software, much like Norton. None of these versions are available for free.

While the vast majority of features are available on all three versions, there’s a caveat buyers should be aware of: The initial pricing process. Total AV shows highly budget-friendly subscription prices on its website. However, these are only available for what the company calls an “initial” period. That is to say, about a year. Once this initial period ends, users are charged the regular annual subscription rates, which cost about $100 for the cheapest package.

So the budget-friendly prices can be deceptive if you fail to read the fine print. Also, the packages are subscriptions only. You can’t purchase the software and use it freely for as long as you want.

Is Total AV for You?

This Total AV antivirus review is making you sure if this antivirus is for you. While Total AV doesn’t offer any revolutionary features, it meets all the basic requirements of an antivirus program. If you want a decent real-time malware protection suite that doesn’t slow down the system, Total AV would be a good option to consider.

Its main downside is that it’s expensive once the initial discount period is over. Also, overall malware protection is rather moderate. Considering the price tag, Total AV should offer more.

Total AV Review – Conclusion

One big advantage with Total AV is that you get essentially all malware protection tools regardless of the package you buy. Only certain additional features, like a password manager, are missing from the higher-priced packages. Malware protection is consistent regardless of how much you end up paying.

Total AV works great with Windows systems mainly. It’s easy to use and you can keep your system free of problem files. With real-time malware protection enabled, Total AV would let you browse freely with fewer worries about malware. We hope that this Total AV antivirus review helped to find everything that you want. 

Notice: The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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