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Writesonic Review – Is Writesonic the Best AI Writer? 

We are here with a review of one of the most popular AI tools at the moment: Writesonic. We will cover multiple features it provides and how they work, as well as give some examples of what Writesonic can offer and analyze them according to our initial expectations. 

November 23, 2023 at 11:30 am in Technology

AI is here to stay, and we just have to be eager to discover what it has to offer. Once artificial intelligence stole the spotlight, developers started to build plenty of platforms and tools that, once researched well and explored, can help users in so many ways.  

Well, the research and exploring part may be a little time consuming, especially if you need to find a tool quickly. So, we are here with a review of one of the most popular AI tools at the moment: Writesonic. We will cover multiple features it provides and how they work, as well as give some examples of what Writesonic can offer and analyze them according to our initial expectations. 

What Is Writesonic?

Writesonic is a one-stop solution for those who need to generate, summarize, paraphrase, or extend a text. Besides this, the platform comes with numerous other features, such as an art generator, a chatbot, a landing page generator, an audio generator, and even a feature that allows users to develop their own chatbots.  

You may have recently heard of the last feature, as OpenAI also developed it for its main project, ChatGPT. So, when it comes to the chatbot, we will compare Writesonic with ChatGPT.  

Writesonic was released in 2020 and managed to gather many early supporters. Over time, the platform increased its user base surprisingly, now being among the top choices of those interested in AI tools.  

The main concepts used by Writesonic include GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 (it also recently added GPT-4 32K to the list). Whether you need an article, a text for social media, an e-commerce description, or even a story, you can get it on Writesonic in just a few seconds.

AI Writing Tools

Considering its name, it is no wonder that Writesonic first focuses on writing tools. When you open the website and click on “Products,” you will see 6 main AI writing tools provided by Writesonic: AI Article Writer, Paraphrasing Tool, Text Summarizer, Story Generator, Text Expander, and Landing Page Generator.  

In the “Products” section, you will also see Chatsonic, Botsonic, Photosonic, and Audiosonic. The names might suggest what they do, but let’s clear it out: 

  • Chatsonic – A chatbot similar to ChatGPT; 
  • Botsonic – A tool that allows you to create your own chatbots; 
  • Photosonic – AI art and image generator; 
  • Audiosonic – AI audio generator.  

AI Article Writer

AI Article Writer

The AI article writer provided by Writesonic allows you to set up various things in order to get the desired outcome. The main focus of the AI article writer is to provide high-quality content that carefully follows and meets your requirements.  

To have a better view of how the AI article writer works, we decided to ask it to write an article with the title “iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15.” You can also add some links or images or wait for the tool to do this for you.  

Then, you will be required to provide 1 or more keywords you want the AI article writer to use. Afterward, you can click on “Next.” 

AI Article Writer

Writesonic’s AI article writer will offer you some links to articles that are already posted online. The tool needs them to have a reference regarding how you want the article to look. You can choose from 1 to 10 links. 

This is why it is extremely important to research the topic you want to write about. If you don’t do this, knowing what you’re asking the AI article writer will be harder. So, try to read some other articles before asking Writesonic to create one for you.   

After we confirmed the links selected, we just waited for the article. The AI article writer took 50 seconds to deliver an 829-word article with a comparison between iPhone 14 and iPhone 15. Let’s see how it turned out: 

AI Article Writer Example "iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15"
AI Article Writer Example "iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15"
AI Article Writer Example "iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15"
AI Article Writer Example "iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15"

Our opinion? Writesonic did pretty well. The article has an introduction and a conclusion, and the AI article writer divided the rest of the article into some sections that discuss the main differences between the 2 devices.  

It mentioned the port difference, which may be the biggest when it comes to iPhone 14 vs iPhone 15. Writesonic also discussed the prices of the 2 options, but we would have liked some links to where you can purchase them. It also added an image and its source, although it was not asked to. 

Furthermore, the conclusion gets through the most important things mentioned in the article and does not stick to only 1 paragraph. The last paragraph of the article also adds a little humanity to the article.  

Paraphrasing Tool

Writesonic developed a tool that allows users to paraphrase a text, and the short opinion before giving an example is that it could have done just a little bit better. Now, let’s see what it did:

Paraphrasing Tool

For this example, we chose something fresh, like a section that the AI article writer provided earlier. So, let’s go back to “Design and Display: Similar Yet Distinct.” 

All we had to do was paste the text into the box and then click on “Generate.” The waiting time was less than 5 seconds, which, in our opinion, is a good time. Of course, you also have to consider the length of the text you provide, and in this case, the text was quite short.   

Paraphrasing Tool Example

The outcome? Decent, but could be better. It is great that the paraphrasing tool kept all the essential information, such as the size of the display, the aluminum rails, glass backs, and the contoured edges of iPhone 15.   

However, in terms of how it chose to form its phrases, Writesonic’s paraphrasing tool could have changed the text more than it did.  

Text Summarizer

For the text summarizer, we thought that we should change the text used, so we chose one of the articles posted on our website: “Best AI Art Generator App and How to Choose the Best.” All we had to do was paste the URL to Writesonic.

Text Summarizer

Then, we had to wait for about 17 seconds to get a summary of 240 words. 

Text Summarizer

The first thing we noticed was that the tool chose to keep our photo, which is not really necessary but is a great add-on. The text mentioned some of the most important things from the article, but we were expecting it to actually mention what the article says it offers: the names of the best AI generator apps. However, it did not manage to do it. Still, we believe the tool can be helpful in numerous situations. 

Story Generator

The Writesonic story generator offers you multiple story versions based on a plot you provide. You can write your idea in a maximum of 600 characters and then wait for the tool to offer the whole detailed story.

Writesonic - Story Generator

The plot we offered is Christmas-themed: 

“Nancy is 5 years old and was told by her parents that Santa Claus will not visit her this year because she did bad things during the year.  

She writes a letter to Santa asking him if he will come, but she does not receive an answer. So, she decides to travel to the North Pole all by herself to help Santa build and pack toys so that she can balance the bad and good things and receive a gift herself.  

Santa is surprised and grateful for Nancy’s help and decides to take her with him on Christmas Eve. They deliver the gifts together and Nancy gets the gift she was hoping for: a Saint-Bernard puppy.” 

We also asked the tool to use a friendly tone of voice and provide a text that is suitable for children. And this is where it gets a little emotional. After waiting for approximately 19 seconds, the outcomes provided by Writesonic were sweeter than we expected them to be:

Story Generator v1
Story Generator v2
Story Generator v3

In our opinion, we would go with the 1st or 3rd outcome. They are more human-like, and the language used is perfect for children of any age. We do not say that the other options are not full of humanity, but the 2nd uses more complex language. The 3rd option seems to be a little more detailed, but it still uses simple language.   

Text Expander

Text Expander

For the text expander tool, we decided to give Writesonic a harder test. So, we asked it to expand on the famous quote of William Shakespeare: “To be or not to be, that is the question.” 

We were also required to set up the number of lines we wanted the tool to generate. To make it even harder, we chose the maximum, which, in this case, was 10. We asked for 2 outcomes, and they were delivered in around 5 seconds.

Text Expander Example

In this case, the outcomes are similar in what concerns the main ideas they provide, but the language seems to be more complex in the 1st text. Overall, we believe that Writesonic and its text expander tool did a pretty good job discussing the struggle of existence.  

Of course, the text could be longer, and people can talk for hours based on Shakespeare’s quote, but it is essential to note that the tool limited us to a maximum of 10 lines.   

Landing Page Generator 

For the landing page generator, we asked Writesonic to generate a landing page for a website that allows users to sell men’s accessories.

Landing Page Generator 

We offered the following description: “Partie is a platform where you can sell men’s accessories for parties, from elegant ties and bow ties to Christmas-themed accessories.” 

We were also asked to provide information regarding the features we want the landing page to have. So, we asked the tool to suggest marketing strategies. 

Landing Page Generator 
Landing Page Generator 

In less than 15 seconds, Writesonic provided a detailed landing page suitable for a men’s accessories website. It also suggested adding logos of our most popular customers and creating a section where we could add a CTA, which we thought was close to what we asked for.  

However, in our opinion, the theme might need to be changed. Although it was light, and light means a good loading speed, we would want something more unique for a website that provides men’s accessories. It might also help the website to rank higher and would surely improve the user experience.  


The magical thing about Writesonic? You can use it for free, and it does not set scary and annoying limits. The free plan allows users to generate 10,000 words monthly, so if you need more, you might want to consider a paid subscription: 

  • Small Team – $13/month (minimum price, with a limit of 100,000 words/month. The maximum price reaches $333, for 4,000,000 words/month); 
  • Freelancer – $16/month (unlimited words); 
  • Enterprise – $500+/month. To activate this plan, you have to contact the Writesonic team). 

Writesonic Review – Verdict

In our opinion, Writesonic is a user-friendly platform that can be extremely helpful for numerous users. It has multiple writing tools and other AI generators, and it tries its best to meet your requirements.  

Although the paraphrasing and summarizing tools can be even better, overall, Writesonic focuses on providing high-quality content that closely follows the customizations you set up.  

Notice: The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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