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Best AI Writing Tools for 2024

Discover the best AI writing tools and how you could benefit from them.

December 5, 2023 at 1:46 pm in Technology

These days, we must keep our minds focused on the power of Artificial Intelligence that has revolutionized how we interact with the digital realm. As such, AI can be found in various forms, from writing tools to AI voice generatorsAI website buildersAI logo generators, and beyond, offering convenience at the tips of our fingers.

Even the latest studies advise us that AI software writing tools are here to stay, showcasing a potential growth rate (CAGR) of 26.94% from 2023 to 2030, reaching $6.464 billion by 2030.

As a result, we are now left to wonder what some of the most popular AI writing tools are, as they could generate content, from short social media posts and product descriptions to landing pages, UX writing, and long-form content, like blog writing and SEO-optimized content.

Gone are the days when we were scared that AI would take our jobs and Artificial Intelligence would replace humans, as seen in some cartoons from the 90s. The sad truth is that such questions also happened in the 2000s, but you know the saying: if you can’t beat them, join them.

So, regardless of your profession, it’s settled that anyone could benefit from an AI writing assistant. If so, why not start your research early and discover the best AI writing tools and how you could benefit from them?

What is an AI Writing Software?

Simply put, AI writing software is a digital tool that integrates innovative technologies to generate content based on text input, regardless of the size of the trigger signal.

Moreover, this AI writing tool could have the capacity to correct grammatical errors, improve the content structure, and offer high-quality content.

Not only does writing software generate text, but you can also use it to catch grammatical and writing mistakes to help improve your creative writing skills.

Just so you know, any Artificial Intelligence writer is still susceptible to AI hallucinations, regardless of how powerful or how many technologies it incorporates.

AI has only become commercial and offered to the public in recent years. Until now, AI has been used internally to understand, automate, and solve different mundane tasks.

Fun fact: Did you know that AI writing software’s early beginnings date back to ’66 when Joseph Weizenbaum created the first chatbot, ELIZA?

Eliza - the first AI writing chatbot
Source: Wikipedia

AI Writing Tools | Use Cases

An AI writing tool could be used in many instances, such as:

  • Generating ideas and overcoming writer’s block;
  • Grammar checker;
  • Translating in many different languages;
  • Developing high-quality content and creative writing;
  • Paraphrasing tool;
  • Keyword research tool;

What Technologies Do AI Writing Tools Use?

AI writing tools employ many technologies to generate content, the most common being Natural Language Processing (NLP), enabling AI writing software to understand and mimic human language.

Then, machine learning algorithms (ML) are trained on large data models to recognize different writing patterns and make predictions.

Large Language Models (LLMs), also found in Google Bard, generate high-quality content and creative writing style, translate into different languages, and generate informative content for user inquiries.

These are some of the most popular technologies, but the AI writing tools are not limited to these.

How Does an AI Writing Tool Work?

The most straightforward analogy to better understand how this technology works is to think about how the predictive text feature on the keyboard of your smartphone or tablet works.

As such, every day you write to your mom, the AI will memorize, and next time, the software will use the predictive text feature and guess that you will repeat the same thing. AI writing software works the same way but at a much larger scale.

What Should an AI Writing Tool Offer?

Some of the best AI tools should offer ease of use, grammatical and expressive proficiency, control over text inputs and outputs, and affordability, as some AI tools could be pretty pricey. But let’s break it down even further.

1. The best AI tools should offer ease of use

Such AI writing apps should have a user-friendly design so that any non-tech savvy can use, enjoy, and benefit from them. These days, Artificial Intelligence tools should also provide clear instructions on how to use their features.

2. The best AI writing software needs to generate high-quality content

If you’re using an AI content writing tool, it must be as accurate as possible and free of errors and plagiarism. Moreover, it should also understand and respond to your inquiries clearly, concisely, and informally.

3. An AI content generator needs a variety of features.

AI-powered writing assistants should integrate various features to help you create content, from ideating to generating SEO content in multiple formats, like marketing copy, ad copy, blog posts, and other long-form content that will rank well on search engines.

Also, these content writing tools must be equipped with a grammar checker, keyword research AI tool, or any other advanced editing features that will streamline users’ requirements and workflow.

4. An AI writing software must integrate with other tools

Some of the best AI writing software tools already offer third-party integrations, add-ons, or plugins to ease the content creation process to create high-quality content.

5. The price of the AI content tools should be affordable

We consider that any AI tool must come at an affordable price, and it would be even greater if it had multiple plans to benefit anyone.

How to Choose the Right AI Writing App for You

First, a powerful AI writing tool must help you with your writing process and content creation workflow, enhancing your writing skills and style and offering content writers many features that will transform their content marketing efforts.

So, to choose between the vast array of AI writing tools, it is essential to consider your specific needs.

Do you need an AI writer for ad copy, long-form content creation, or creative writing? Check each AI writing assistant’s offerings and usage intent before signing up.

Additionally, you must evaluate these AI content writing tools based on the features provided for your available budget.

For example, you can use the ChatGPT free version, but compared to Surfer SEO’s AI writer, generating content optimized for search engines will be more efficient.

As a last but essential step to ensure you’re using some of the best AI writers, please check other users’ reviews and compare the pricing plans.

Only when you have a general view of these AI writing tools’ offerings, pricing plans, and integrations can you make an informed decision that will bring you many benefits.

Top 7 Benefits of the Best AI Writing Software

AI writing tools have become increasingly popular among students, content writers and marketers, business owners, and Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts looking to upskill their productivity and creativity.

These AI writing assistants come in handy for various writing tasks, like offering content ideas, blog writing, crafting emails, creating marketing copy and social media posts, and improving existing content for search engines.

  • An AI writing tool improves efficiency and productivity;
  • An AI writer could enhance creativity;
  • AI tools could improve the quality of your blog content by creating high-quality content;
  • The best AI writing software can increase scalability;
  • An AI writing tool could reduce the costs by automating many of the writing tasks;
  • An AI writing tool could improve your SEO content and reach your target audience more effectively;
  • An AI writing software could track your content performance;

Top 10 Best AI Writing Tools for 2024

So, as we learn more about these AI writing tools, what they are, and how they work, it’s time to move further and discover the best AI writing software tools for 2024 and beyond.

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI - Platform

Jasper AI is considered among the best AI writing software tools that offer all-around marketing copy and long-form content creation for anyone, regardless of your experience or profession.

What is striking about Jasper AI is that it comes with many writing templates that you can benefit from, such as a text summarizer, paragraph generator, AIDA framework, product description, blog post topic ideas, and many more.

Please check our latest Jasper AI review for more details about this influential AI writer.

Jasper AI Features

  • Jasper AI’s integration with other tools, like Surfer SEO, Chrome extension, and Grammarly, plays a vital role in their ecosystem development.
  • Jasper’s API makes bringing the AI-powered writing assistant into your platform much more accessible.
  • Benefit from Jasper AI anywhere and everywhere with browser extensions.
  • Businesses and enterprises can benefit from a secure and customizable AI writing platform.
  • Content creation in over 30 languages.
  • With Jasper App, you can have a powerful AI tool. Benefit from AI-generated images, create campaign collaterals, choose your favorite template, and remember the Jasper AI chat that can assist you with tasks and answer questions.

Jasper AI Limitations

Overall, this AI writer is costly, yet it comes at a more significant cost if you want additional advanced editing features. As such, even though the tool can be used by all users regardless of their tech experience and knowledge, it primarily addresses enterprises that have a buck to spare.

Jasper AI Pricing

7-day Free Plan to test the app and choose what’s best for you!

Creator Plan – $39 /month

  • Includes one seat;
  • 1 Brand Voice;
  • 50 Knowledge Assets;
  • 50+ Templates;
  • Benefit from SEO content;
  • Access the browser extension;

Teams – $99 /month

Everything in Creator, plus:

  • Includes 3 seats;
  • 3 Brand Voices;
  • 150 Knowledge Assets;
  • Create your template;
  • Instant Campaigns;
  • Collaboration & user management;

Business Plan – Contact sales for a quotation

Everything in Teams, plus:

  • No limits on all features;
  • Custom templates & automations;
  • API access*;
  • Advanced admin analytics;
  • SSO plus additional security review;
  • Team onboarding & ongoing tech support;

So, if you want to create high-quality content, Jasper could do the trick for you and be your AI writing assistant. Moreover, you can use it as an AI copywriting tool to generate content like marketing copy, blog writing, product descriptions, a paraphrasing tool, and more.

Jasper AI Customer Reviews

Jasper AI Customer Reviews
Jasper User Rating

2. Copymatic

CopyMatic - Best AI Writing Tool

Copymatic is an AI writing tool that helps your content creation process by offering an easy-to-use platform, over 50 integrated tools, a grammar checker, a chatbot powered by OpenAi’s technology, a long-form editor, and other powerful settings to level up your tone of voice and adjust your business creative marketing collaterals.

Copymatic Key Features

  • This AI tool can be used for content marketing copy;
  • eCommerce copy like product descriptions;
  • Landing pages copy and SEO content creation;
  • Benefit from Copymatic’s AI tools with the Chrome extension;

Copymatic Limitations

Overall, this writing tool does a pretty good job, except for the fact that it has no revision button. You can use the stand-alone tool to check your content, yet it makes the entire process a bit more pricey since you’ll need additional credit points.

Copymatic Pricing

Pro Plan – $19/ month

  • 1 user seat;
  • Unlimited words;
  • Unlimited chat access;
  • Access to all tools;
  • Unlimited projects;
  • 25+ languages;
  • Plagiarism checker;

Team -$32/ month

  • 5 user seats;
  • Unlimited words;
  • Unlimited chat access;
  • Access to all AI tools;
  • Unlimited projects;
  • 25+ languages;
  • Plagiarism checker;

Enterprise – $66/ month

  • 25 user seats;
  • Unlimited words;
  • Unlimited chat access;
  • Access to all tools;
  • Unlimited projects;
  • 25+ languages;
  • Plagiarism checker;

Copymatic Customer Reviews

Copymatic Reviews
Copymatic User Ratings


Best AI Writer - could be your AI-powered writing assistant if you want to write content quickly. Creating content with this AI writer is easy, and you can use it for blog section writing, short social media and ad copy, and email marketing.

Furthermore, has been built on ChatGPT-4’s API so that you can elevate your content generation process with the right text inputs. Writing Tool Overview
Source. Key Features

  • Benefit from a template library that can help you to generate blog content and outline landing page copy;’
  • API integration with CRMs and other tools;
  • Clean and user-friendly interface; Limitations

Upon checking reviews, many customer reviews complain about the lack of customer support, additional charges for credit points, and AI hallucinations. Pricing

Free Plan

  • 1 Seat;
  • 2,000 Words in Chat;
  • 200 Bonus Credits;
  • Free Forever;
  • No credit card is required;

Pro Plan – $36/ month

  • 5 Seats;
  • Unlimited Words in Chat;
  • 500 Workflow Credits;

Team Plan – $186/ month

  • 20 Seats;
  • Unlimited Words in Chat;
  • 3K Workflow Credits;

Growth Plan – $1,000/ month

  • 75 Seats;
  • Unlimited Words in Chat;
  • 20K Workflow Credits;

Scale Plan – $3,000/ month

  • 200 Seat;
  • Unlimited Words in Chat;
  • 75K Workflow Credits; Customer Reviews Reviews
Source: User Ratings

4. Rytr

Rytr AI Writing Tool is an AI writer built on GPT-3 API that offers overall content writing materials, like writing articles and SEO-optimized content, social media copy, Facebook ad copy, and other marketing collaterals.

Moreover, you can easily use Rytr to rewrite existing content and transform it into ad copywriting.


Benefit from AI-generated images, AI copywriting tools, and features;

  • Create quality content in over 30 languages and test out the available tone of voice and writing styles;
  • Write anything from landing pages, and we copy to product descriptions, SEO meta descriptions and titles, create a story plot, and many other marketing materials;
  • Perform keyword research to grow your business presence organically;
  • Has a free plan for you to test out the AI writer;
  • Customized use cases for content generation with the premium plan;

Rytr Limitations

This AI writing tool is less potent than other AI writing assistants.

Rytr Pricing

Free Plan

  • Generate 10k* characters per month;
  • Access 40+ use-cases;
  • Write in 30+ languages;
  • Access 20+ tones;
  • Built-in plagiarism checker;
  • Generate up to 5 images per month with AI;
  • Access to the premium community;

Saver Plan – $9/ month

  • Generate 100k* characters per month;
  • Access 40+ use-cases;
  • Write in 30+ languages;
  • Access 20+ tones;
  • Built-in plagiarism checker;
  • Generate up to 20 images per month with AI;
  • Access to the premium community;
  • Create your custom use case;

Unlimited Plan – $29/ month

  • Generate unlimited words per month;
  • Access 40+ use-cases;
  • Write in 30+ languages;
  • Access 20+ tones;
  • Built-in plagiarism checker;
  • Generate up to 100 images per month with AI;
  • Access to the premium community;
  • Create your custom use case;
  • Dedicated account manager;
  • Priority email & chat support;

Rytr Customer Reviews

Rytr Reviews
Rytr User Ratings

5. Quillbot

QuillBot - AI Writing and Grammar Checker Tool

If you’re looking for a simple and easy-to-use AI content generator, then be sure to try out Quillbot. This AI writing tool helps you efficiently rewrite, summarize, or paraphrase content.

Furthermore, it can help you check for plagiarism grammar checking integrated and can co-write content for you.

Quillbot also integrates a Chrome extension so that you can have easy access.

Quillbot Features

  • Benefit from Quillbot Chrome extension;
  • Let Quillbot source your citations;
  • Enjoy the 9 modes of the paraphrasing tool, such as creative, simple, and academic;
  • Use the language translator to expand your targeted audience;

Quillbot Limitations

A monthly cap on words and pages exists even with a paid subscription.

Quillbot Pricing

Free Plan

  • 125 words in paraphraser;
  • Standard and fluency modes;
  • Limited use of synonym slider;
  • 1 Freeze word;
  • 1,200 words in summarizer;
  • No credit card is required;

Premium Plan

  • Extensive words in paraphraser;
  • Unlimited custom and 8 predefined modes;
  • Full use of synonym slider;
  • Unlimited freeze words;
  • 6,000 words in summarizer;
  • Create unique summaries using custom instructions;
  • Faster processing speed;
  • Recommended rewrites;
  • Compare modes;
  • Plagiarism checker (20 pages/month);
  • Tone insights;
  • Paraphrase history;
  • 3-day money-back guarantee;

Quillbot Customer Reviews

QuillBot Reviews
QuillBot User Ratings


Frase AI Best AI Writing Tool is considered one of the best AI writing software that alleviates your SEO strategies and content marketing efforts, helps you with the content generation plan, and lets you manage your entire content lifecycle.

If you wish to write content that is optimized for search engines, be sure to check this AI tool. With Fraser, you can access a robust platform to create AI-generated content. Moreover, it analyzes the existing blog content and provides you with recommendations on what to do next.

Frase Content Analytics

Frase Features

  • Analyze your competitor’s SEO strategies and content creation process;
  • Monitor your key SERP metrics;
  • Benefit from AI-generated content in just a few seconds;
  • Quickly create an AI blog content outline;
  • Create SEO-optimized copy with ease;
  • Compare your SEO keywords with your competitors;
  • Easy to use long-form editor;

Frase Limitations

Even though many reviews empower this SEO AI tool, it still presents AI-generated content hallucinations when using the AI writer. As such, please do your due diligence and check the content writing before publishing it.

Another aspect is that it doesn’t offer a free plan, as seen in other AI tools.

Frase Pricing

Solo Plan – $14.99/ month

  • 1 User Seat;
  • Write + Optimize 4 Articles/month;

Basic Plan – $44.99/ month

  • 1 User Seat;
  • Write + Optimize 30 Articles/month;

Team Plan – $114.99/ month

  • 3 User Seats ($25/mo per extra);
  • Write + Optimize Unlimited Articles;

Frase Customer Reviews Reviews
Source: User Ratings

7. Writesonic

Writesonic - Generative AI Platform

Writesonic remarks itself as being an influential AI content writer who uses OpenAI’s tech to empower your business content writing efforts.

Additionally, with products like Photosonic, you can boost your imagination by using an AI Art Generator, Chatsonic could be your AI virtual assistant, and Botsonic could upgrade your customer’s experience.

Writesonic Library Template Features

Writesonic Features

  • Write anything from ad copy to product descriptions, landing pages, UX writing, and long-form content writing;
  • Integrate Writesonic with Surfer SEO and Zapier;
  • Write AI content in more than 24 languages;
  • User-friendly long-form editor;
  • Writesonic has a free version;

Writesonic Limitations

Many user reviews advised that Writesonic is more appropriate for short content generation than long-form content, like essays, case studies, and blog posts.

What we can say at this point is that you have to test this for yourself, if possible, as all AI writers can produce AI hallucinations.

Writesonic Pricing

Free Plan – $0

  • 1 User;
  • 10000 Words/ month;
  • AI-based on GPT 3.5;
  • Chatsonic: ChatGPT-like chatbot;
  • AI Article Writer 4.0;
  • Sonic Long-Form Editor;
  • Photosonic (AI Image Generator);
  • Complete Article Rewriter;
  • Browser extensions;
  • 100+ AI Templates;
  • 1-Click WordPress Export;
  • Zapier Integration;
  • 30 Languages;

Small Team Plan – $19/ month

  • 1 User;
  • GPT-3.5 and GPT-4;
  • 100000 Words;
  • Everything is Free;
  • Unlock GPT-4 and GPT-4 32K;
  • Factual and Personalized Article Writer (AI Article Writer 5.0; Uses GPT-4 32K);
  • 5 Brand Voices;
  • Higher quality image generation + Upscaling;
  • API Access;
  • Bulk Processing;
  • Priority access to new features;
  • Priority support;

Enterprise Plan – $500+/ month

  • Everything in Small Team;
  • SSO/SAML Login;
  • Custom templates tailored to your business;
  • Priority AI Processing;
  • Customer success manager;
  • Training sessions;
  • User provisioning via SCIM (Coming soon);
  • Audit log (Coming soon);
  • Workspace analytics (Coming soon);
  • Premium support;

Freelancer Plan – $20/ per month

  • 1 User;
  • Unlimited words;
  • Only GPT 3.5;
  • Chatsonic: ChatGPT-like chatbot;
  • AI Article Writer 4.0;
  • Sonic Editor (Like Notion AI but better);
  • Photosonic (AI Image Generator);
  • Complete Article Rewriter;
  • Browser extensions;
  • 100+ AI Templates;
  • 1-Click WordPress Export;
  • Zapier Integration;
  • 30 Languages;

Writesonic Customer Reviews

Writesonic Reviews
Writesonic User Ratings

8. Surfer SEO


Content writing has never been more accessible, and with Surfer SEO, you can now create high-quality writing that could rank well on Google. This AI writing platform brings the best out of your content due to its key features, such as the keyword tool, SERP analyzer, and AI writer.

With Surfer SEO, you can identify SEO opportunities to boost your online presence even further. To discover more, please read our full Surfer SEO review. (ADD LINK)

Surfer SEO Features

  • Surfer’s Keyword Tool and Keyword Surfer;
  • Surfer AI – AI Content Writer;
  • Surfer’s Long Form Editor;
  • Surfer SEO Audit;
  • Domain Planner;
  • SERP Analyzer;
  • Surfer SEO Add-Ons;

Surfer SEO Limitations

Indeed, Surfer SEO is a robust and comprehensive ecosystem with powerful AI tools, yet the price is so high that many user reviews complain about it.

Surfer SEO Pricing

Essential AI Plan – $139 per month, billed annually

  • 60 AI articles/ year;
  • 180 Content Editor articles/ year;
  • 2 Organization Seats;
  • 100 keyword researches/ day;
  • Integrations: Google Docs, Jasper, WordPress, and Contentful;

Advanced AI – $279 per month, billed annually

  • 120 AI articles/ year;
  • 540 Content Editor‍‍ articles/ year;
  • 5 Organization Seats;
  • 100 keyword researches/ day;
  • Integrations: Google Docs, Jasper, WordPress, and Contentful;

Max-AI – $499 per month, billed annually

  • 240 AI articles/ year;
  • 1080 Content Editor‍‍ articles/ year;
  • 10 Organization Seats;
  • All benefits of Advanced;
  • All add-ons included like Advanced auditing, SERP Analyzer, Surfer API, and Custom branding;

Enterprise Plan – Contact the sales team.

  • ∞ Organization Seats;
  • All benefits of Max, plus: Dedicated account manager, Priority support, Personalized product training, and Legal assistance during procurement;

Surfer SEO Customer Reviews

Surfer SEO Customer Reviews
Surfer SEO User Ratings

9. Simplified

9. Simplified AI Copywriting

Simplified is a leading AI writing tool that helps you create landing page copy, product descriptions, and blog section writing to boost your presence within the ranking pages.

Furthermore, Simplified helps you create graphic design collaterals, aims to offer a performant social media scheduler, and even integrates a video editing product within the ecosystem.

Simplified Features

  • Benefit from a robust AI writer;
  • Create stunning design materials with the help of their Graphic Design Tool;
  • Write with ease with the help of 50+ types of writing templates in 10+ tones and 30+ languages;
  • API integration with Shopify, WordPress, and others;

Simplified Limitations

Overall, Simplified does a pretty good job generating text, yet its limitations come from the administrative side. As a result, there is a limitation on the number of users for any given plan, which is, at most, 5. Users also mentioned the limited storage space, 1GB in the free version and up to 500GB at the highest-priced Plan.

Simplified Pricing

AI Writer Free – $0/month

  • 2,000 Words, 1 Seat
  • Blog Wizard;
  • Chat by Simplified AI;
  • 90+ AI Templates;
  • 1-Click WordPress Export;
  • Direct Publishing Blogs to Shopify;
  • Share Documents as Public Pages;
  • 20+ Languages;
  • Simplified AI Docs;

AI Writer Pro – $12/month

This package can be somewhat customized, meaning you can select the required written words and charge you accordingly. We will go with 35,000 words for now, but note that it can go to 3,000,000 words for $649/month.

  • 35,000 words, 1 Seat;
  • Blog Wizard;
  • Chat by Simplified AI;
  • 90+ AI Templates;
  • Brand Book;
  • Grammarly Integration;
  • Plagiarism Checker;
  • 1-Click WordPress Export;
  • Direct Publishing Blogs to Shopify;
  • Share Documents as Public Pages;
  • Collaboration and Team Management;
  • 20+ Languages;
  • Simplified AI Docs;

Simplified Customer Reviews

Simplified Customer Reviews
Simplified User Ratings

10. WordAI

10. WordAI

WordAI Features

  • Complete sentence;
  • Restructure, and enrich text;
  • Describe the same ideas differently;
  • Improve overall quality and clarity of the text;
  • Long-form editor to better manage your content creation;

WordAI Limitations

Even though there are a few reviews, users identified a standard limitation with this AI tool. As such, people are inclined to use WordAI as a spinner rather than a robust AI writer.

WordAI Pricing

Starter – $9/ month

  • 50,000 Rewrite words;
  • 25,000 Pass AI detection words;
  • Pass AI detection;
  • AI-powered rewriter;
  • Human quality content;
  • One-click rewriting;
  • Rewrites pass Copyscape;
  • Sentence and phrase level rewriting;
  • Bulk article rewriting;
  • API access;

Power Plan – $27/ month

  • 3,000,000 Rewrite words;
  • 250,000 Pass AI Detection words;
  • Pass AI detection;
  • AI-powered rewriter;
  • Human quality content;
  • One-click rewriting;
  • Rewrites pass Copyscape;
  • Sentence and phrase level rewriting;
  • Bulk article rewriting;
  • API access;

Custom Plan – Contact the sales team for pricing

  • Custom rewrite words;
  • Custom Pass AI detection;
  • High volume usage;
  • Increased throughput;
  • White Labeled Integration;
  • Multiple user accounts;
  • Customized rewrites;
  • Account manager;

WordAI Customer Reviews

WordAI Customer Reviews
Source: User Ratings

What Are the Best AI Writing Tools for 2024 and Beyond?

As we took an educational detour on the most potent AI writing tools and assistants, we cannot ignore the immersive potential such tools offer us. From writing simple and short social media copy to blog content writing, landing page copy, and product descriptions, AI writing apps bring unique strengths and features to address your business needs.

Whether you’re looking for Jasper AI’s versatility, Surfer SEO’s prowess in SEO optimization, or an AI-powered tool that opens doors to efficiency, creativity, and scalability, we hope that today’s review has brought you valuable knowledge to make an informed decision.

However, one thing is for sure – the evolving AI landscape invites us to explore, create, adapt, and leverage these innovative solutions to enhance our writing endeavors.

Notice: The information in this article and the links provided are for general information purposes only and should not constitute any financial or investment advice. We advise you to do your own research or consult a professional before making financial decisions. Please acknowledge that we are not responsible for any loss caused by any information present on this website.
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